So you want to transfer your digital goal into your digital business plan , but you don’t know how to set up your goal , turn it into actions and deliver a sustainable cash flow rapidly.

That’s why I created this simple three step process to help you turn your goal into a practical action plan in one hour.

The One Hour Strategy Session

So what exactly is the One Hour Strategy Session?
The One Hour Strategy Session is our proven one-to-one executive coaching model that turns your business goal into actions in three steps.


The One Hour Strategy Session Process

The one-hour strategy session process is fundamentally broken down into three steps:
1. Setting up a Strategy Session
2. Holding a Strategy Session
3. Developing Action Plan

Setting up the Strategy Session

A strategy session is a one-hour meeting where we:- Work on your specific goal or challenge- Create concrete steps to turn your goal into a measurable result- Develop an action plan to get started rapidly

What are the potential advantages of a strategy session?

1. Creating immediate value by solving your problem
2. Establishing steps to turning your goal into a measurable result
3. Turning your goal into actions rapidly

What are the typical questions for the strategy session?

– What are the outcomes and benefits you’ll get from the meeting
– What’s the primary focus of your business
– What’s your current revenue and profitability
– What do you want it to be in one year, in three years
– What’s your problem or challenge you’d like to discuss with me?
– What have you tried before to start your digital business?

Asking and answering these questions in advance would help to jump straight into the meat.

Holding Strategy Session

We’ll go in the strategy session with a mindset of delivering results you’ll be inspired to implement. So, on the assumption, we’ve discussed the basics beforehand, and we defined your problem or challenge you want to focus on, then we can hold the strategy session.

The primary agenda of the strategy session:

1. State the Goal
2. Highlight Your Primary Challenge
3. Discussing Ways to Solve the Problem
4. Agree on the Best Solution
5. Determine Actions to Get Started

Developing Action Plan

Finally, we’ll turn the result from the strategy session into actions. We’ll outline three critical steps to achieve the desired outcome.We may shortly discuss how we’ll work together in the future.

Getting into Action

Today we’ve learned how to set up and hold a strategy session for turning your challenge into a measurable result rapidly. Whether you’re an executive, partner or service provider who wants to get your digital business up and running, the strategy session helps in achieving your goal.

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