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The 1-Hour Industrial Gas Leader – The BaseMarket Marketing Program for Leaders (3)

Creating, Delivering and Capturing BaseMarket Value

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Today we’ll get insight into how InnovaGas provides value to the BaseMarket clients and partners

The Cutting and Welding Marketing Concept


We offer complete Cutting and Welding solutions ( gases, equipment, consumables, delivering services, calculations, training in cutting and welding applications for welders to help them increase the productivity, safety, health and environment of cutting and welding processes

The HomeCare Marketing Concept


We offer complete HomeCare solutions (medical gases, equipment, delivering services, training in medical applications) for doctors and patients to help them to become knowledgeable in using and handling our HomeCare solutions for their comfort, safety and health

The Retail Marketing Concept


Creating, Delivering and Capturing Value from our business models for helping our retail business partners and end-use clients to grow their business locally and globally

The Service Marketing Concept


We offer service packages that our specific customer segments want and are willing to pay, so it becomes a win-win situation

The Sales Promotion Marketing Concept


Offering Best in Class Service Packages for each market segment through well planned and executed sales promotion programs

The Product Range Marketing Concept


Offering the full range of gas and related products and services for the base market customers and partners on each market

Today we got insight into how InnovaGas provides value to the BaseMarket clients and partners.…

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The 1-Hour Industrial Gas Leader – The BaseMarket Strategy for Leaders (1)

The BaseMarket Framework for Industrial Gas Leaders

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Today we’ll establish the BASEMARKET FRAMEWORK to help companies take full advantage as an international group 

The BaseMarket Policy

The BaseMarket Policy is a set of rules for decision making that should be followed by all industrial gas companies to take full advantage of your Company’s strength as an international group

The policy covers action in the segments

•Cutting and Welding



but can be selectively applied to other business areas

Common factors for the base market segments are:

•Many similar customers

•Separate local markets

•In every country

•Constituting the core business for InnovaGas

The base market offers further growth and profit opportunities of vital importance to InnovaGas

•New business models/processes/products/services /revenue models compensating for stagnating areas

•Additional retail business areas for gases and related products

•New marketing and sales concepts

•Improved productivity in distribution and administration

The Base Market Strategy

Your company shall – with customer service in focus – secure and further develop the base market with a sound balance between short-term and long-term sales, profit and cash-flow objectives

•Optimizing present business through utilization of existing opportunities for income improvement in marketing as well as cost reductions in operations/administration

•Develop new business opportunities through the means of market expansion and added-value of products and services to customers

The present business shall be improved by:

•Gaining local dominance

•Getting a strong market control

•Developing revenue streams and pricing systems and service charges

•Optimizing the retail network

•Increasing productivity and service performance through a close cooperation between marketing and distribution

•Creating a high level of administrative efficiency with fast and accurate handling of transactions

•Making the marketing organization profit oriented by means of a PROFIT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (PMS)

InnovaGas shall furthermore secure long-term profitable growth through acquisitions of local producers/ service providers and re-sellers and a continuous development of own marketing concepts:


Become the technological leader in C&W

Cooperate with selected hardware suppliers

Professional value-added sales persons offering profitable solutions to direct customers


Become a specialist organisation with homecare marketing and homecare specialist approach and profile

Take total responsibility for reliable and safe gas supply

Offer complete service and training packages


Establish separate channels for different customer categories

Create broad range of complementary products , services and training

Build dense and selectively expanded sales outlet networks

The above strategy has to be locally implemented by strong and professional marketing organizations in each company securing an efficient cooperation between central specialists and regional salesperson with total customer responsibility

The Marketing Profile

Your company shall on each market create a strong profile as an efficient and reliable partner to the customers and partners, reflecting a locally adapted image of

•Superior service level for each customer segment

•Highest safety, quality and environmental standards

•Advanced gas application technology and process know-how

•Best in providing innovative business models •The Basemarket Guide shall be followed

Market Controlling

You shall actively manage and control the base market

•Clearly define and follow a local base market strategy

Make decisions based upon an efficient Marketing Information System covering:
•Profitability •Controlling your total gas distribution chain from production to the end-user

Today we’ve established the BASEMARKET FRAMEWORK to help companies take full advantage as an international group.…

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The 1-Hour Industrial Gas Leader – The BaseMarket Positioning Strategy for Leaders (2)

Become The Leader on a Local Market,or Specific Market Segment to Drive Profitability and Cash-Flow

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Today we’ll learn how to build your competitive leadership position in the BaseMarket

Local Market Dominance

Each company within the group should use a geographically selective market strategy aiming at leadership locally rather than total market coverage

BaseMarket Business is local:

•Efficiency and possibilities for action depend mainly on your LOCAL MARKET POSITION

It is more profitable to dominate a few local territories and business segments than to have a WEAK POSITION throughout the country

Leadership Competition

Your company should act to defend and improve it’s market position by preventing entry of new competitors and aiming at value and price leadership, minimizing risk of price wars.…