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RapidKnowHows Mission is to Make Executives Succeed

Our Vision is to change B2B into a collaborative partnership business

We provide innovative business models that help executives create, deliver and capture Value rapidly

For the last decades, most manufacturing and service companies with a compelling business offer have been doing exponentially well.

But recently, many business owners and top management teams are concerned about maintaining their competitiveness in the information age.

That’s why we’ve established The RapidKnowHow Platform to provide breakthrough strategies that make you the digital leader in your sector rapidly and sustainably.

Josef David

About Josef David

To be successful in the digital age, business leaders need to create and execute breakthrough business models rapidly. That’s why I’ve established the RapidKnowHow program to help you succeed.

Josef David is specialized in creating execution-focused innovative business models for the industrial gas industry, the manufacturing industry, the management consulting sector, and the internet business segment.

Josef is the creator and developer of the 1-Hour Leadership Strategy Program which helps executives turning their business goals into measurable results rapidly and improve their business skills sustainably.

He helps brick & mortar companies transforming to digital leaders as a non-executive board member (NED) and strategy advisor to top management.

He is the founder of RapidKnowHow, the leading breakthrough strategy advisory and executive coaching agency to companies and solo entrepreneurs who want to thrive leadership in their sector rapidly and sustainably.

He is a former managing director of AGA Gas spol. s r.o. ; Chairman of the board of AGA Vitkovice;  SVP Regional Business Unit Manager Manufacturing Industry of AGA AB; SVP & Global E-Business Program Director E-Business of The Linde Group.

He has developed and executed dozens of innovative business ventures in the fields of operations economy, marketing, sales, new market entry and expansion in CEE, general management, supply chain management, regional business unit development and management, global business consultancy, innovative business modeling. leadership business platform creator and marketer.

What he likes: Spending time with my family; walking; sharing ideas with creative people; creating mutually beneficial business relationships

Josef David Profile

Corporate Career

  • Chairman of the Board – SVP
  • Board Member
  • Global Program Manager – SVP
  • Regional Business Area Manager – SVP
  • Managing Director
  • Business Development Manager
  • Regional Sales Manager
  • Marketing Planning Manager
  • Operations Economy Expert
  • Managing Partner

Entrepreneur Career

  • Management Consulting Agency
  • Managing Partner
  • Digital Platform Owner

Professional Skills

  • Competitive Strategy Advisor
  • Strategy Execution Consultant & Coach
  • Leadership Development
  • Organisation Development Consultant
  • Digital Business Development Consultant
  • Business Start-up Consultant
  • Business Consolidation Advisor
  • Sales Performance Management Coach & Advisor
  • Executive Management Performance Coach
  • Executive Management Consultant
  • Due Diligence Analyst
  • Business Innovation Model Creator
  • B2B Business Innovation Advisor
  • Operations Economy Expert


  • MSc Development Management
  • MBA International Management
  • Operations Economist
  • Industrial Economist


  • German – Mother Tongue
  • English
  • Czech (Basic)
  • Polish (Basic)

Our Business Offering

We serve leaders who care by developing breakthrough strategies and innovative business models that enable executives to turn their challenging goals into measurable results rapidly.

We place a premium on solutions that matter to people who care for other peoples’ development and have the potential to generate mutual beneficial business relationships.


If you want to establish you as the business  leader by Changing The B2B Game Sustainably in your sector rapidly, RapidKnowHow offers its INNOVATION-ON-DEMAND program :

Strategy Advisory Services and Organisation

  • Rapid Business Auditing
  • Rapid Strategy Crafting
  • Rapid Strategy Execution
  • Innovative Business Model Creation
  • Entreprenur Career Development Advisory


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