“ You want to become the digital leader in 2020+, then you need innovative business models to succeed.”

Josef David

Driving Innovation to Deliver Sustainable Stakeholder Value

If you want to deliver sustainable stakeholder value, then you need to provide innovative business solutions that work. RapidKnowHow provides innovative business solutions that deliver sustainable stakeholder value and make you the sustainability market leader in your sector

We provide simple, powerful innovative solutions to help leaders drive B2B innovation in 2020+

The Personal Business Model Entrepreneur System

How to Implement Your Personal Business Model in One Week

The B2B Market Leadership System

How to Implement Your Market Leadership Process in One Month

The B2B Innovation Success System

How to Transfer Your Digital Assets into Multiple Cash-Flow Streams

The RapidKnowHow Action Guide

Helping Leaders to be Successful in 2020+


Strategy maps, video workshops, dashboards
Making You Move

$ 194 / Tool

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Creating Innovative Business Models
Making You The Driver 

$ 1.547 / Model

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Creating Innovative Business Programs
Making You The Leader  

$ 2.494 / Program

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