The 1-Hour B2B Leader – 9 Innovative Business Models for Driving Collaborative Leadership [Business Case Industrial Gases]

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3 Innovative Business Models for Driving Collaborative Innovation

Identify three innovative business models for driving collaborative innovation with your strategic business partners effectively

  • The Branded Solution Provider
  • The Business Converter
  • The Business Safety Provider

The Branded Solution Provider as Ingredient Solution of a Manufactured Product

The Business Model Branded Solution Provider refers to branding the industrial gas solution as an ingredient solution of a manufactured product that cannot be bought individually. The ingredient solution is advertised as an notable feature of the final product.

The business leader offers the branded industrial gas solution to increase the efficiency, safety, quality, health and environment of the customer’s production process and specific product range. He increases his brand awareness, attracts end-use customers and reduces the possibility of substituting his solution


The Business Converter Optimizes the Industrial Gas Supply Costs by Optimizing the Supply Mode

The Business Model Business Converter refers to specializing in optimizing the industrial gas supply mode. The business converter leads the supply mode optimization process as his primary business strategy

The business leader offers a complete program which includes analysing and optimizing the entire industrial gas supply efficiency and increasing the operating cash-flow.

The Business Safety Provider Secures Safe on-Demand Industrial Gas Supply

The Business Model Business Safety Provider refers to specializing in securing  industrial gas supply. The business safety partner leads the order fulfilment process as his primary business strategy.

The business leader offers his business safety provider program which includes securing automatic refilling of products. Because customers value steady availability of products , business leaders build up strong long-term relationships with their customers