The 1-Hour Business Networking Strategy Execution Leader – How to Build Your Global Business Friend Network in Two Weeks

Building Your Global Business Friend Network in Two Weeks

If you want to create a sustainable global business rapidly, then you need an innovative business strategy that works.

RapidKnowHow offers a simple, innovative business strategy that you can execute in two weeks.

Problem Statement

The problem statement paints the big picture, which gives urgency and direction to future actions

Traditional customer segmentation is obsolete because every competitor uses the same methodology of segmenting the market either by sectors, geography, customer size and supply mode. That’s why companies compete on the same battlefield, which leads to declining new business, profitability and minimizes stakeholder value


Set a measurable target to be achieved in two weeks

To avoid the fierce battlefield of the traditional customer segmentation strategy, we want to focus on building our sustainable business network around business friends AND their business friends. Business friends are people we know , like and trust.
Our business friends are people who are eager to create mutually beneficial business relationships.
We identify and choose our business friends from current, former and potential clients by using the power of LinkedIn.

Action Plan

Setting the Goal to Get Started Rapidly

Choose ten business friends from current and former clients whom we like and trust . We’ll contact them to identy mutually benefical business opportunities within two weeks.

Action: Choosing Business Friends > Contacting Business Friends > Getting Commitment > Result Delivered > Follow up

Step 1: Choosing Business Friends

First, make a simple list of your business friends you know and like

  • Name
  • Function
  • Value Created for Your Business Friend
  • Value Your Business Friend Created for You
  • Why Do You Like and Trust Her/Him?

Step 2: Contacting Business Friends

Next, we will contact our business friends by phone. Why by phone? Because if he is a real business friend, then he takes the phone call and is happy to hear from you.

So plan two hours for contacting your business friends next week or earlier.

Step 3: Getting Commitment

After warming up by talking about the latest challenges, activities and achievements; ask you, business friend, whether he is interested in creating a mutually beneficial business relationship by sharing business opportunities by phone, e-mail, LinkedIn, Facebook.

Step 4: Result Delivered

If you received an ok from at least seven business friends, your action has been successful. Congratulation

Step 5: Follow up

Follow up-to discuss next steps with your business friends in two weeks.

Take Away

By applying this simple business friends networking strategy, you increase your sustainable business network in the future, and you build your skills in creating and executing your unique, innovative business networking strategy sustainably. Good Luck!

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