The 1-Hour Career Leader – Crafting Your Career Roadmap in One Hour

To drive a successful corporate career, business people need to craft and implement a long-term career strategy. Discover my example below for illustration.

My career mission: Help People Succeed

My career goal was to take over challenging tasks that have a strategic impact on the organization. By building credibility through crafting and implementing breakthrough strategies & solutions to help people delivering measurable results, I had been promoted to my next challenging position.

Corporate Career Roadmap

1975 Creating and Implementing an Operations Economy System for Optimizing Cost of Goods Sold

1985 Creating and Implementing a Retail Strategy for Growing the Retail Business

1986 Creating a Sales Performance System for Getting the Best Out of Sales People

1987 Managing the Sales Performance System to Increase the Operating Income & Cash Flow

1990 Establishing Business Operations in CEE

1995 Managing Profitable Business Operations in CEE

1999 Building Profitable Regional Business Unit Operations

2000 Creating an e-Business Strategy and Managing the Global e-Business Program to Reduce Total Cost of Ownership. Hope this illustration helps to craft and implement your own career development strategy successfully. Best of luck!

Tool for Crafting Your Career Development Roadmap

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