The 1-Hour Career Leader – Helping Colleagues Shaping Their Career in One Hour

To be successful, business people can help their colleagues in developing their career in the organization.

By applying this strategy, you’ll become part of a constant, informal networking process – a web of people who are willing to provide and receive help.

This post will help you to apply the strategy: helping people manage their careers.

How to Help Your Colleagues Shaping Their Careers

As stated, you’ll see by helping other people manage their careers, you’ll become part of a constant, informal web of people who are willing to creating mutually beneficial business relationships.

This post contains three easy to follow strategies :

  1. Putting People First
  2. Shaping Peoples’ Career
  3. Fostering a Career Mindset

When you apply this strategy, you’ll see results in your growing network of people who are willing to provide and receiving help.

But be aware is not an easy task, providing value in advance, doesn’t mean people will be receptive immediately. Even people you know.

In my experience, people are conditioned to taking information and going without even commenting.
So it’s vital that you’re very selective in finding the right business partners and offering specific value they need now.

Reflect on who you’d like to work with because she or he’d helped you in your career development either with tips, or giving references after asking you specifically on how you’d like her to present your value offer to your preferred customer segments.

Putting People and Your Organization First

Helping Your Colleagues and Company Succeed

Perhaps the most striking feature is the conservative estimate that around 90 percent of jobs are filled without advertising.

Because of the jobs have not been advertised, there is a good chance of you finding yourself in the pole position. How?

If you want to help your colleagues finding a job inside your organization, before the start attacking the job market, then you ask them to have a one-to-one session where you:

  • Clarify her professional goal
  • Identify growth opportunities in your company

By supporting your colleagues in this way, you’re doing what’s best for her AND for your organization

By putting your organization first, you’ll encourage talented, ambitious people to stay with the company, so the organization becomes more competitive. thereby, you’ll help your organization to cut costs by avoiding expenses for people to search.

Furthermore, you’ll establish close relationships with your colleagues and becoming known as the leader in helping people and your company to succeed.

Shaping Other Peoples Career

Providing Coaching and Referencing

To support your direct reports or other colleagues you know and like, you’ll schedule a career development dialogue and make sure to frame the discussion  with your speaking partner in terms of:

  • Core Business Interests
  • Work Reward Values
  • Unique Value Proposition
  • Specific Expert Skills

This focuses the meeting and helps you to find out the specific career goals and match them to career opportunities within your company.

Fostering a Career Development Behavior

Shaping Mutually Beneficial Business Relationships

You can help your colleague to adopt a career development strategy mindset by using these tactics:

Redefining their current role

Consider redefining a current role so that it better matches the person’s interests, values, and competencies.

Helping them network

Offer strategies to meet decision makers or help arrange meetings with individuals who personally know and like.

Using this strategy you’ll help your colleague build business relationships with people like you: Being eager to asking for and providing help

Evaluating career options

Once you and your speaking partner have identified possible career opportunities, you’ll help the person evaluate these opportunities’ fit with their career goals and business competencies.

Use the framework of business interests, preferred work values, and unique business skills.

Using LinkedIn to build your global business friend network 

To build your network of business friends inside and outside your organization, you’ll use the power of Linkedin.

LinkedIn is an excellent tool that assists you in becoming the leader in establishing and growing a global network of business friends who are willing to provide and receive help. Best of Luck!


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