The 1-Hour Sales Strategy Execution Leader – How to Reduce 50 Complaints from Major Customers in Two Weeks

Reducing 50 Complaints from Major Customers in Two Weeks

If you want to decrease customer complaints rapidly, then you need a complaints reduction strategy that works.

RapidKnowHow offers a simple complaints reduction execution model that helps you succeed.

Problem Statement

The problem statement paints the big picture, which gives urgency and direction to future actions

Deliveries have been consistently late over the past six months, resulting in about 50 complaints of significant customers. Several customers are threatening to move to the competition


Set a measurable target to be achieved in two weeks

Our salespeople will contact the 50 customers by phone to find out the causes of the complaints next week, solve customers’ problems and capture new opportunities in two weeks

Action Plan

Presenting the target to the salespeople at the next sales meeting

Contacting 50 customers by phone to find out the purposes of the claims next week, solve customers’ problems and obtain new opportunities in two weeks.

Action: Fixing the Problem > Improving Your Customer Complaint  Handling Skills > Increase Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

Step 1: Creating Customer Shortlist

Each salesperson sets her/his customers’ shortlist

  • Customer Name
  • Sector
  • Function
  • Problem
  • Proposed Solution

Step 2: Document the Customers Situation

Each salesperson contacts his/her customers on the phone next week and documents the situation.

Step 3: Manage the Problem Solving Process

Next, each salesperson manages the problem-solving process by asking each customer the three questions:

  • What is the problem?
    Late deliveries threaten stock-out of product and production still-stand
  • Why was it happening?
    When customers forget to order
  • How can we fix it?
    Offer our unique automatic order fulfilment solution for a monthly fee. The order fulfilment solution secures deliveries on-demand, avoids stock-outs, secures continuous production, generates a new income stream, increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Each salesperson reviews the problem and its causes with each customer, and propose two or three alternative solutions and choose the one to act on as preferred by the customer

Step 4: Fix the Problem

Now the salesperson works on the solution identified in Step 3.
She does an action map of the steps to take in implementing the solution.

She makes sure people from the organization understand the specific changes that affect them. He also plans to measure the changes , so he can tell whether the solution has worked or not.
After a week, she/ he calls the customers, asking them if the problem is solved and might identify new opportunities.

Step 5: Solving Customer Complaints Skills Improved

By applying this simple complaints reduction strategy, you’ll increase your skills in managing the complaint solving process efficiently and increase customer satisfaction effectively.
Good Luck!


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