The 1- Hour Sales Strategy Execution Leader – Increasing Profitable Sales Rapidly

Your company’s goal is to increase profitability.
You decide to run a targeted sales campaign to increase sales profitability rapidly by applying the RapidKnowHow Sales Leadership Development Cycle

Accessing Expertise

You’ll coach salespeople who delivered the lowest profitable sales in the last four quarters.

Set Smart Objective

Let your salespeople set smart sales objectives e.g. increasing profitability of selected 30 C-customers by 10% next quarter

Sales System

You’ll apply RapidKnowHows 1-Hour Profitable Sales Program

Get-Expert Feedback

As seasoned sales expert you suggest to apply three sales strategies:

1.Present business increase by increasing and renewing number of contracts of most profitable customers
2.Increasing new business by penetrating and developing existing value customers
3.Increasing profitability by reducing discounts of declining B and C customers

Next, sales people develop their action plans by end of the week.

RapidKnowHow to Succeed



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