The 1-Hour Sales Strategy Execution Leader – Increasing New Sales Invoiced from 100k$ to 300k$ by Week 50

Increasing New Sales Invoiced from 100k$ to 300 k§ by Week 50

Agility Beats Size Executing Your Most Important Business Objectives Rapidly Thrives Leadership and Commitment of Your Engaged Business Team. Your Business Team Plays the Business Game to Win. Your Team Drives Sustainable Stakeholder Value. RapidKnowHow Offers Innovative Strategy Templates That Help You Succeed Rapidly

If you want to turn your objective into measurable results rapidly, then you need a strategy execution system that works.

RapidKnowHow offers its The One Hour Strategy Execution Map System for turning your objective into measurable results rapidly.

Set Your Focus Objective

First define your focus objective by using the formula: VERB+NOUN+ FROM x to y by z

Increase new sales invoiced from 100 k$ to 300 k$ by Week 50

Build a Performance System

Next, you’ll define the lead measures which drive your actions towards your goal – the lag measures.

Lead Measures: Demonstrate Your Business Application Skills to Chosen Key Customers

Lag Measures: Achieving New Sales Invoiced of 300 k$ by Week 50

Engage in Execution to Win

Establishing your high-performance sales team to drive the process from demonstrating your business application skills to chosen key customers to generate new sakes invoiced as planned.

Establishing a Commitment to Deliver

Even though you’ve designed the execution strategy framework that’s clear and effective, without consistent accountability, the team will never give their best efforts to the initiative.

That’s why you need leading the process of establishing the commitment of each team member and the entire team to deliver the focus objective

You’ll hold weekly 30-minute performance sessions with your team that enable the team members to learn from each other about how to move the lead measures towards the focus objective rapidly and effectively.

If one person succeeds others can adopt his or her approach. On the other hand, if an action step isn’t working, the team will find out early.

The sessions give team members the help they need to keep their commitments to the process of demonstrating their business skills for creating, delivering and capturing value to chosen vital customers.

If someone from the team runs into a barrier, the group decides how to clear the path.

The sessions enable the team to adapt on the fly to the needs of specific clients, getting insight into their particular needs which makes the team ready to solve customers’ problems rapidly.

The sessions provide an opportunity to celebrate successes and strengthen the accountability of each team member and the entire team.


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