The 1-Hour Strategy Execution Leader – How to Turn Your Strategy into Results Rapidly

The 1-Hour Rapid Strategy Executor – Turning Your Strategy into Results Rapidly

If you want to turn your strategy into results rapidly, then you need a strategy that works.

RapidKnowHow offers a simple strategy execution model that makes you succeed.

1- Turning Your Facts into Your Problem Statement
First, identify the facts and figures and indicate why this problem is more urgent than others

Decreasing customer complaints from 40 per week to 0 by end of next month

2- Turning Your Problem Statement into Objective
Set a measurable goal to be achieved in time ( one working day, five working days, ten working days)

3 – Turning Objective into Actions
Presenting and agreeing to the target with your team at the next meeting

4 – Turning Actions into Results
Each team member set his target, actions and cut off date. Then they implement their actions step-by-step.
Each team member is accountable to deliver specific results.

At meetings, each team member presents:

  • What they said they’ll do.
  • What they did the last week.
  • What they plan to do next week

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