We serve leaders who care by developing breakthrough strategies, innovative business models and actionable digital business solutions that enable executives to turn their challenges into measurable results rapidly by applying our Click & DO business system​​

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To be successful in the digital age, business executives need a simple, proven business system to execute business strategies rapidly.
That’s why we created the RapidKnowHow Execution System for Leaders who want to leading their digital business development in their business sectors successfully

The Business Challenge: Get First-to-Market

If you want to create your business innovation model inhouse, then you need to learn the concept and creating the business model by establishing multifunctional groups who create the business innovation models from scratch.

We estimated 4 man weeks x 2500 $/€ per week / man x 4 = 40.000 $/€.

RapidKnowHow provides the business concept and implementation coaching support for 10.000 $/€.

Next, you want to short the lead time to create your innovative business models by cutting the standard time from four weeks to one week. 

Your goal is to be the first to market with your innovative business model.

The Business Challenge: Increasing the Certainty of Closing a Sale

If you want to increase your sales from new projects, then you need a simple strategy that helps your salespeople succeed.

RapidKnowHows CHECKLIST PROBABILITY OF SUCCESS provides a proven tool to increase your estimate of certainty of closing a sale rapidly

The Business Challenge: Decreasing Customer Complaints Rapidly

If you want to decrease customer complaints rapidly thereby turning challenges into opportunities, you can solve customer problems by offering a quick win project.

If the customer is complaining about orders are not on time which causes problems in operations, you can offer the BUSINESS SAFETY PROVIDER solution to secure customers' supply by automatic refilling. This will strengthen your professional credibility, increase customer loyalty and secures sustainable income flow.

Driving Your Business Success

So you want to become the digital business leader in your sector, but every person you ask tells you another story, and you don't have time nor the guts to read dozens of books and take plenty of business courses.

Here's the thing. The instant you start thinking and evaluating, you come to the same conclusion: I've to run my daily business to stay competitive right now. We don't have enough qualified people to work on such demanding projects either.  

That's why RapidKnowHow provides its breakthrough strategies and innovative business model to implement in a fraction of time, costs than other solutions (business courses, top consultancies).

Our unique Click and DO business system helps you to speed up your execution process while saving time, costs and avoiding the common hassles.

Wish You All Success – Josef David

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