RapidKnowHow – Getting Insight into Your Sales Performance on-demand

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In the digital age, business executives and consultants use their own know-how + world-class business intelligence systems such as Microsoft 365 and Power BI to deliver solutions on demand.
They share their work by using online communication channels. Offline meetings are reduced to a minimum which saves time, and costs for all involved people.

RapidKnowHow developed a three-step- method to support your needs on real-time insight into your performance or that of your organisation in one to three workdays.

1. Getting the Request

John Driver, Sales Manager of Innovagas wants to get insight into his sales performance and communicate it to his target people in real-time. He asks Josef David for a proposal

2. Creating the Report

Josef designs the first draft of the SPM tool within one to three workdays.

3. End of the Project

By sending the SPM draft including the fee request and getting the ok from John, the short project is finished.