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In the complex world of today, where we are constantly bombarded with information and choices, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. This is where the BIG Idea: THINK SIMPLE comes into play. It’s a concept that encourages us to strip away the unnecessary complexities and focus on the core essence of things.

The BIG Idea: THINK SIMPLE is about embracing simplicity in our thoughts, actions, and decisions to achieve clarity, efficiency, and effectiveness.

The Strategic Actions: THINK TWICE – Pause.Reflect.Consider

While simplicity is the goal, it doesn’t mean we should rush into decisions or actions without careful thought.
This is where the strategic action of THINK TWICE comes in.
It encourages us to pause, reflect, and consider all aspects before making a decision or taking action.
It’s about ensuring that our pursuit of simplicity doesn’t lead to oversimplification or ignorance of important factors.

10 Examples

1. Apple Inc.: Apple’s products are renowned for their simplicity in design and user interface, embodying the BIG Idea: THINK SIMPLE.

2. Google Search Engine: Google’s simple, uncluttered search page has made it the go-to search engine for millions worldwide.

3. IKEA: The Swedish furniture company thrives on offering simple, functional designs that are easy to assemble.

4. Twitter: The social media platform limits its posts to 280 characters, forcing users to keep their messages simple and concise.

5. Airbnb: The platform simplifies the process of finding and booking accommodations around the world.

6. Uber: The ride-hailing app simplifies transportation by connecting drivers and riders through a simple mobile app.

7. Marie Kondo’s decluttering method: This method encourages people to keep only items that spark joy, simplifying their living spaces and lives.

8. Minimalist lifestyle: A growing trend that advocates for living with less and focusing on the essentials.

9. Simplified logos: Many brands, like Starbucks and McDonald’s, have simplified their logos over time to make them more recognisable and memorable.

10. Bullet Journaling: A simple and flexible system for organising tasks, events, and notes in a single notebook.

Get Started

To embrace the BIG Idea: THINK SIMPLE, start by identifying areas in your life or work that feel overly complex or confusing.

Break down these areas into their core components and identify what is truly necessary. Eliminate or simplify the rest.

Remember to THINK TWICE before making decisions to ensure you’re not oversimplifying or overlooking important factors.


The BIG Idea: THINK SIMPLE is a powerful concept that can bring clarity, efficiency, and effectiveness into our lives and work.

However, it’s important to balance simplicity with thoughtful consideration to avoid oversimplification. By embracing this idea and taking strategic actions, we can navigate the complexities of our world with greater ease and success.