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Peter Bendor Samuel discusses how digital transformation will happen driven by 2 leading companies : ACCENTURE and IBM

ACCENTURE and IBM succeeded in making the change from the operational model to the arbitrage-based model and are now leading the transformation to digital based model.

Changing to the digital based model requires, for instance, organizing business teams into Digital Program Teams.

Digital Program Teams are located on shore, be persistent in employing the same team for two years, this preserves the learning curve gained by the team.

Peter highlights that service providers who cannot master the new digital model will be first to consolidate.

ACCENTURE has already purchases over 37 service providers to date this year.

How to Shape Digital Transformation That Will Make You The Digital Market Leader
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Many industry analysts have a theory that digital transformation will happen rapidly. But I don’t believe that. I think it will happen over five to 10 years. While digital adoption grows, we’ll see dramatic consolidation in the IT and business process services markets based on the legacy labor arbitrage factory model. A plethora of arbitrage-based service providers remain in the market. In 2018, we’ll see that some service providers will be able to transition to digital, but some won’t. Why Do Accenture And IBM Stand Out When Markets Change?

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