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Thriving Stakeholder Value 

How to create, communicate and capture sustained stakeholder value in the digital age

The RapidKnowHow Business Model

Smart Strategy, Rapid Result

How Smart Business Leaders Thrive Stakeholder Value in the Digital Age
Discover our three proprietary business models to create, communicate and capture sustained stakeholder value.

The Rapid Problem Solver > Delivering Results Rapidly
If you've got challenging business problems, then apply our RAPID PROBLEM SOLVER business model to deliver results rapidly by creating, communicating and capturing value effectively.

The Rapid Digital Transformator > Creating and Marketing Innovative Digital Solutions Rapidly
If you want to transfer your current business model into your digital solution-based asset model, then apply our RAPID DIGITAL TRANSFORMATOR business model to create and market innovative digital solutions rapidly.

The Rapid Business Leader > Thriving Goal into Sustainable Cash Flows Rapidly
If you want to thrive stakeholder value in the digital age, then you need breakthrough strategies to achieve your goal fast. Apply our RAPID BUSINESS LEADER business model to thrive your goal into multiple and sustainable cash flows rapidly.

RapidKnowHow Founders

.Josef David specialises in creating customized digital strategies, digital platforms, digital products, B2B sales strategies. He offers business coaching to transfer your goal into results rapidly. 

He has more than 30 years experience in the industrial gas, management consulting and the online business sector.
He creates innovative business strategies and business models that help service providers generate sustained cash flows rapidly.

Philip David specialises in crafting service sourcing strategies to optimize total cost of ownership.
He leads service sourcing programs to generate measurable results.

He has more than 15 years experience in the management consulting, gas, energy, banking ,the pharmaceutical sector.
He helps companies to establish strategic partnerships to optimise total cost of ownership. 

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