Josef David is specialized in communicating with company owners , high-level management and entrepreneurs on innovative ways to drive business leadership and career success using the power of video streaming

If you want to shape your long-term personal growth, then you need to move from the job competitor to the career leader. That's why I've created the RapidKnowHow Program to offer Action Guides for driving your career leadership.

The goal is to help turning your objectives into fact-based results.
Let's get started to learn from my business journey how to drive your long-term career effectively. Wish You All Success! 

My Business Goal and Mission

My goal is to provide action guides for leaders in the digital age.
My Business Mission : 

Helping You to Converting Innovative Business Models into Fact-Based Results That Will Make You Succeed

My Story: Focus > Action > Perserverance

My motivation to tell you my life story it's simple . I preferred to take the bumpy  country road than the crowded highway. That's why I had to overcome struggles, challenges and sometimes defeats. But at the end of the bumpy country road was always a shining house . My family awaited me . Together we were strong, and overcame all obstacles.

My life lesson:
  • Move on Your Own Path 
  • Live Your Passion
  • Stay with Your Family and Close Friends.

The secret of my business success: 
  • FOCUS on my entrepreneurial passion
  • TAKING ACTIONS to learn and deliver and never give up before
  • ACHIEVING MY OBJECTIVE. I hope my life and business strategy inspires your life and career goals. Let's get started...

From Apprentice to The Global e-Business SVP

Thriving Leadership

1965, I started my apprenticeship at Westinghouse. 2002, I ended my corporate career as Senior Vice President at AGA/ Linde Gas.

Throughout my career I hold several key management positions as managing director, sales and marketing director, regional business unit director , business development director CEE and global eBusiness program director.

Thriving Leadership

From Senior Executive to The Service Provider

From 2002 to 2010, I was an independent strategy consultant for the industrial gas sector, tyre sector, steel sector, the construction sector, the venture capital sector, the internet business sector and the management consulting sector.

Thriving Leadership

From the Service Provider to The eBusiness Builder

Since 2010, I am specializing in creating breakthrough strategies and building innovative e-businesses for Leaders Who Care to become the digital leader in their sectors.

For business leaders who want to establish their leadership position in digital business, I offer breakthrough strategies, tailored ebusinesses and one-to-one strategy coaching sessions. 

Thriving Leadership

The 1-Hour RapidKnowHow Leadership System

The RapidKnowHow System provides simple and actionable business models for executives and entrepreneurs to turn challenging objectives into rapid results. 

We can call our business models personal business models.
By personal, we mean an activity which can be undertaken by any executive for his or her own benefit. It helps executives to understand and master a specific business situation.

We do not deal with heavy duty corporate business models to be used by a wide range of people in your organization.
The RapidKnowHow System

The 1-Hour RapidKnowHow Leadership System - Action Guides to Turn Your Objective into Rapid Results in 3 Steps

Step 1 - Define Your Objective
(from Job-to-Be Done to Focus Objective)

Defining your focus objective , by describing as simple as possible, what you are trying to achieve and when. For example:

  • Find the main causes of customer dissatisfaction
  • Reduce invoicing costs by 10% by Q3
  • Increasing sales by 15% by the end of 2020

Step 2 - Create Your Business Model
(from Focus Objective to The Lead-Lag Business Model)

Creating your business model , by describing the lead measures to deliver the lag results. For example:

  • Increase Demonstrations to Key Customers to Increase Demo Contracts
  • Increase High-Quality Business Posts to Increase Subscribers
  • Improve SEO Optimization to Attract Qualified Visitors from Search Engines

Step 3 - Turn Your Business Model into Rapid Results
(From The Lead-Lag Business Model to Rapid Results)

Turning your business model into lag results by establishing a committed campaign team For example:

  • Comitting to achieving the objective in time and quality
  • Appointing a Business Lead for the Campaign
  • Having weekly online-meetings where each member presents :
    • This is what I said I would do
    • This is what I did
    • This is what I will do this week

What's Your Story? 

As a Business Executive or Business Owner tell yourself your business story to your own motivation and to get moving rapidly. Review your own testimonials when you feel discouraged or talk to colleagues or clients who feel grateful for the changes they've experienced by working with you. 

If you'd like to share your experiences or have some current challenges which you want to discuss. Please, contact me. I usually come back within 24 hours.