So you want to change from head-to-head competition which decreases margins and Return on Capital Employed. All market players follow the same strategy: Being the first in implementing industrial gas related applications to capture new business opportunities. That’s why you’re looking for an innovative strategy to thrive market leadership. You scanned the internet and came to our place. Welcome! I’m a specialized industrial gas innovative strategy expert with more than 40 years of top management and strategic consultancy experience in the industrial gas sector. Here is our strategy for thriving market leadership by expanding the market value while minimising total cost of ownership. Our proprietary Action Guide for Industrial Gas Leaders provides a strategic way to transform the product supplier business model to become the leading business integrator – Josef David

If you want to become the industrial gas leader in the digital age, then you need a strategic process to move from the current industrial gas supplier to the digitalized information services business model.

That’s why RapidKnowHow provides the Action Guide for Industrial Gas Leaders – Moving from the Product Supplier to the Business Integrator.

Access our step-by-step business model that drives leadership and market value