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Busy entrepreneurs want to have access to strategies to solve urgent customer problems rapidly.

In this competitive environment, they need to move quickly to stay ahead of their competition.

That’s why RapidKnowHow created this new business model innovation that helps busy business leaders to gain access to independent experts via their mobile phone rapidly..

This increases your convenience in reducing your high daily fees for management consultant projects and spending your precious time getting just business concepts instead of actionable advises.

Rapid Business Model Innovation: Independent Expert Advice on Demand on Mobilephone


The Typical Customer Journey

If you want to have a problem solved, your typical journey starts finding the phone number of the company, next, you will call and wait until the operator responds, after explaining your needs your journey of finding the qualified expert begins.

That’s why we created the RapidKnowHow Contact Solution that helps getting connected with an independent expert with a push of your mobile phone button on your mobile phone.

This will save your precious time and you’ll get an independent expert advice on-demand.


The Rapid Problem Solver – The RapidKnowHow Contact Solution

Our Rapid  Problem Solver Model helps busy business professionals and entrepreneurs who want to solve urgent business problems on-demand
by offering our The RapidKnowHow Contact Solution to get access to independent experts rapidly. It will save you time, costs unlike typical management consulting service offers.

Solving Customer Problems on Demand

Next, we’ll create the Rapid Mobile Phone Solution that helps busy business leaders to connect with independent experts who are eager to solve challenging problems on-demand.

Business Leaders Save Time, Costs  and Deliver Sustainable Results Rapidly

We offer our tailored business model that describes how to create, deliver and capture value.

The Rapid Problem Solver – Solving Business Problems on-Demand

  1. You Target Busy Business Leaders
  2. You offer a one-hour rapid advice via your mobile phone
  3. Business Leaders can call you via a CALL NOW BUTTON
  4. Business Experts connect with busy business leaders via the smartphone to solve problems on-demand.
  5. We recommend offering the first call for FREE.
  6. RapidKnowHow offers a proven step-by-step solution
  7. The key activity is to set-up a project: Creating  THE RAPIDKNOWHOW CONTACT Solution
  8. RapidKnowHow connects with INDEPENDENT experts in the field of breakthrough strategy development, business model innovation, and digital solution creation and implementation.
  9. There are costs involved for the steep learning curve of creating and implementing THE RAPIDKNOWHOW CONTACT Solution.



Thriving Cash Flow by Customer Satisfaction

The RapidKnowHow Contact Solution Makes it Easy for the Professional with Urgent Business Problems to Get in Contact with Experts Who are Eager to Solve his/her Problem on-demand.

The Customer is satisfied and this increases the potential value of the client which consequently increases your cash-flow.


Tool to Use: Excel Model Calculating Net Cash-Flow from Using

[embeddoc url=”https://www.rapidknowhow.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/Rapid-Potential-Cash-Flow-Modelling-The-Financial-Model-1.xls” height=”50%” download=”all” viewer=”microsoft”]