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Sure! Here are some of the best digital B2C health business models with examples:

1. Telemedicine: Provide remote medical consultations and healthcare services through digital platforms. Example: Teladoc Health.

2. Health and wellness apps: Develop mobile applications that offer personalized health and wellness solutions, such as fitness tracking, nutrition guidance, and mental health support. Example: MyFitnessPal.

3. Online pharmacies: Create an online platform for consumers to order prescription medications and healthcare products. Example: Capsule.

4. Health coaching platforms: Offer digital platforms that connect users with certified health coaches who provide personalized guidance and support. Example: Noom.

5. Remote monitoring devices: Develop wearable devices or IoT solutions that allow users to track their health vitals and share data with healthcare professionals. Example: Fitbit.

6. Online health marketplaces: Build an online marketplace where consumers can find and book appointments with healthcare providers, such as doctors, dentists, or therapists. Example: Zocdoc.

7. Digital therapeutics: Develop software-based interventions that aim to prevent, manage, or treat medical conditions. Example: Omada Health.

8. Health content platforms: Create digital platforms that offer educational content, articles, and resources on various health topics. Example: WebMD.

9. Personalized medicine platforms: Utilize data analytics and genetic testing to offer personalized healthcare recommendations and treatment plans. Example: 23andMe.

10. Virtual fitness classes: Provide online fitness classes and workout programs that users can access from anywhere. Example: Peloton.

When developing a digital B 2C health business model, it’s crucial to prioritize user privacy and data security, ensure regulatory compliance, and focus on delivering a seamless user experience. Additionally, partnering with healthcare professionals and leveraging technology advancements like artificial intelligence and machine learning can help enhance the effectiveness and scalability of your business model.