Becoming The B2B Leader – Changing the Oligopoly Game Using RapidKnowHow

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Welcome to the Rapid Action Management Video Tutorial

In this video tutorial we’ll learn how to turn the OLIGOPOLY GAME into a STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP in 3 Steps

Let’s get started

The Rapid Action Management – Changing the OLIGOPOLY GAME in 3 Steps

The Oligopoly Game wants to create value for the suppliers by increasing volumes and prices while the end-users want to do exactly the opposite

To escape from this zero sum game, the industry needs a new game. The name of the game is Strategic Service Partnership

That’s why RapidKnowHow created the RAPID ACTION MANAGEMENT strategy program to help you succeed


This Video tutorial helps building your STRATEGIC SERVICE PARTNERSHIP Rapidly

Learn the three steps to selecting your strategic service partner

Step One – Developing a Service Provider Program

Step Two – Recruiting your Service Providers

Step Three – Selecting The Strategic Service Partner

Step One – Developing a Service Program

If you’re an end-user of commodity products like industrial gases, you’ll choose the industrial gas supplier that offers the safest supply in time, quality, cost and environment

As industrial gas supplier this is your entry ticket for being considered as serious supplier by an end-user..

Modern end-user want to change this zero-sum game where the end-user wants to lower the price while the  supplier wants to increase the price.

End-Users want to set up a program: Optimizing the Total Cost of Ownership of the Entire Industrial Gas Supply Chain in which the Industrial Gas Supplier Becomes a Service Provider

Step Two – Recruiting a Service Provider

Recruiting your service provider, companies need proven criteria that help them comparing the offers of service providers in a consistent manner.

You want to establish performance measures by which you can monitor progress towards your objectives

You’ll establish a key performance scorecard as the table seen here

Step Three – Selecting the Strategic Service Partner

Next you’ll select your primary industrial gas service provider
The Table outlines specific evaluation criteria and weightings.

Your team members are from industrial gas sourcing and plant management.

The SSP Validating Scorecard provides a practical tool for selecting your strategic service partner.