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If you want to become a successful entrepreneur in the digital age, then you need a system to create new business ideas and transfer them into game-changing new business models

Today, we’ll outline the steps to get the job done. Enjoy!

Finding Business Ideas

Finding a great business idea is the critical first step to build a game-changing new business model.

You should make sure that you create a mission statement for your target group:

RapidKnowHow provides innovative game-changing strategies and business models for leaders who want to EXPAND THEIR MARKETS

Josef David, Owner RapidKnowHow

The following list I’ve taken from the Open University :

  1. Past and present work experience
  2. Hobbies and leisure interests
  3. Qualifications and studies
  4. New markets/uses for exisiting products
  5. Solving a persistent problem
  6. Research and Development
  7. Patents, Licences and Research Institutes
  8. Invention
  9. Opportunities from new technologies
  10. Opportunities from economic/market changes
  11. Changes in consumer behaviour
  12. Complaints and irritations expressed by customers
  13. Changes in rules and regulations
  14. Imitating an idea from a different locality
  15. Imitating an idea from a different industry
  16. Improving existing product
  17. Improving existing business model
  18. Films, TV and Radio
  19. Trade shows, exhibitions and conferences
  20. Business blogs
  21. Business and social networks
  22. Family and friends

(The Open University 2011)

How to Create New Business Ideas

If you apply the typical head-to-head competitive strategies, then you’ll end up in lower sales, decreased profitability and serving the pool of price-sensitive commodity customers.

If you, however, commit to creating market value by offering new innovative and game-changing business models to value-seeking customers, then you’ll drive the market as the leader in your sector.

How to Turn Your New Business Ideas into Game-Changing Strategies

Depending on your new business idea, you’ll craft new game-changing strategies

Here are three game-changing strategies at your convenience:

The 1-Hour Industrial Gas Leader – Driving Industrial Gas Leadership in the Digital Age
The 1-Hour Industrial Gas Leader – Driving Industrial Gas Leadership – The BaseMarket Strategy
Becoming the B2B Leader – Moving from Competing Head-to-Head to Shaping The New Market Space

Today, we’ve outlined how to find new business ideas and turn them into game-changing strategies. To Your Success!