The 1-Hour Sales Leader – How to Increase New Sales Using The RapidKnowHow POS Checklist

The 1-Hour Digital Leader
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Susan Taker, Sales Manager of InnovaGas, a subsidiary of Innova, the leading industrial gas producer, is thinking about how she could increase the share of new sales by implementing a simple, effective strategy by the end of this month.

Susan wants to help her salespeople to increase new sales by using a management tool that enables them to define the certainty of closing sales.

By factoring in the success change and adding up all the potential, Susan would get the best forecast of the new business for the rest of the year.

If the salesperson can influence the chance of success and reduce the time to get the sales project on-stream by using the management tool, then these visits become the priority sales action for 2020.

The POS Checklist

That’s why RapidKnowHow created the POS Checklist to help Susan and her team to succeed.

POS StepsWeight %
InnovaGas Introduced to Buying Group3%
Opportunity Discovered7%
Competitor Status Known2%
Existing Volumes Known2%
Current Price / Costs Known3%
Hardware Equipment Needs Defined2%
Decision Makers and Influencers Identified3%
Problem Solving Script Used2%
Current Customer Needs Defined3%
Product Questionaire Completed3%
Customer Problems Analyzed3%
Needs/ Capabilities Matched3%
Decision Makers and Influencers Involved3%
Budget Constraints Identified3%
Application Demonstrations Made4%
3-year Potential Analyzed4%
Needs/Opportunities Confirmed5%
Closing Strategy set4%
Quotation Made4%
InnovaGas References Utilized4%
Customer Accepts Business Case5%
Customer Committed to Change8%
Letter of Understanding Signed5%
Contract / P.O Signed10%
Start-up Date Fixed15%
Total (estimate of certainty) %100%