The 1-Hour Career Leader – 3 Steps to Acquire New Clients for Your Service Businesss

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You want to start your service business rapidly, but you don’t have access to a simple step-by-step guide for turning your business idea into new clients quickly.

That’s why I created this short step-by-step guide that helps achieving your goal.

Goal: Acquire New Clients for Your Service Business – 3 Steps

1. Define Target Clients

First you’ll define your most wanted target clients.

Who are Your Clients?
Define your most wanted clients from the B -t-C or B -t-B Market.
We’ll choose owners of manufacturing industry who want to expand their businesses to the Middle East or CEE.

Why Will Clients Pay?
When you’ve chosen B-t-B customers, your service must help your clients:

  • Expand Business
  • Save Costs
  • Increase Sales
  • Improve Cash Flow

2. Create Your Business Offer

Next, you’ll create your business offer for your target clients.
The business offer helps your target clients solve their business problems or achieve their most wanted goal.

What is your business offer?
Your business offer must be your unique value proposition that you’ve implemented at prospective target clients from your target client.
If your target client wants to expand his business into Saudi Arabia, you’ve worked with those clients he’s targeting.

How do you sell your business offer?
You’ll sell your service via direct sales or referrals

How do you deliver your business offer?
You’ll deliver your service online via Skype or face-to-face

3. Contact New Clients

Now, you’ll start contacting new clients. You’ll choose direct channels if you know the decision maker and he knows how you deliver value.
In case you don’t know the decision maker, you’ll ask referrence persons to help getting face-to-face with your target clients.

Who is your key partner in acquiring new clients?
Your key partner has established business contacts with your target client.

What are your key activities to acquire new clients rapidly?

Your key activities are:

  • Defining Your Target Clients
  • Create Your Business Offer
  • Identify Your Key Partner
  • Create Acquisition Strategy
  • Implement Acquisition Strategy
  • Acquire New Clients

How do you get paid for your services?
You’ll get paid for your advice, coaching session or project. You’ll get paid per hour, day or per project.

What are your costs?
You’ll run lean operations from your home office. You’ll outsource administration and marketing activities.

4. Perception of Fairness

Arising from the deliverables, the perception of fairness leads to satisfaction with working with the task and the client. Without perception of fairness, you better walk away from the client sooner than later.