The 1-Hour Sustainability Leader

Thriving Sustainability Leadership to Create Stakeholder Value

The 1-Hour Sustainability Leader

The RapidKnowHow Leadership Framework for Thriving Sustainability Leadership to Create Stakeholder Value

  • Setting Objective
  • Designing Strategy
  • Taking Actions

Today, we'll learn how to designing our sustainability leadership framework to create stakeholder value. 

First, we'll setting our measurable objective

Next, we'll designing our strategy

Then, we'll developing actions to turn our strategy in the measurable objective rapidly. Let's Get Started

Setting Objective

Getting Results in 4 Weeks

Then, we'll validate and choose quick win opportunities

Next, we discover our sustainability governance structure and define business cases

Finally, we learn how to transfer our quick wins into measureable results rapidly

Designing Strategy

Crafting Strategy 

First, we'll designing the sustainability roadmap

Next, we'll turning the sustainability roadmap into business cases

Finally, we'll demonstrate why Leaders Who Care must thrive the sustainability transformation process

Creating Opportunities 

RapidKnowHow provides a framework for creating, validating and choosing the best business opportunities for delivering quick wins

Establishing Governance 

First, we'll learn how to establish a simple sustainable leadership governance system

Next, we'll create the sustainability business cases to demonstrate the measurable cash-flow impact on the bottom line 

Taking Actions

Turning Strategy into Actions

The program leader creates and distributes a simple action map to the owners of each selected priority initiative.


Today, we've learned to create and implement our sustainability leadership strategy rapidly. We applied RapidKnowHows Self-Coaching Methodology to turn our objective into measurable results rapidly and sustainably. Now it's Your Turn! Wish You All Success!

Tools to Use

This is the complete 1-Hour Rapid Sustainability Startup Program for You

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