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1. Revenue Growth: Revenue growth is a key performance indicator (KPI) for any business, including the industrial gas business. This KPI measures the increase in sales and overall revenue generated by the company over a specific period of time. It is important for the industrial gas business to set targets for revenue growth and track their progress towards achieving those targets. This KPI can be measured by comparing the revenue generated in the current period with the revenue generated in the previous period or by comparing it with the industry average.

2. Customer Retention: Customer retention is another important KPI for the industrial gas business. It measures the ability of the company to retain its existing customers and prevent them from switching to competitors. Customer retention is crucial for the long-term success of the business as it reduces customer acquisition costs and increases customer lifetime value. This KPI can be measured by calculating the percentage of customers who continue to purchase from the company over a specific period of time or by conducting customer satisfaction surveys to gauge customer loyalty.

3. Operational Efficiency: Operational efficiency is a KPI that measures the effectiveness and productivity of the industrial gas business’s operations. It focuses on optimizing processes, reducing costs, and improving overall efficiency. This KPI can be measured by tracking metrics such as production output, energy consumption, waste management, and equipment utilization. By continuously monitoring and improving operational efficiency, the industrial gas business can enhance its profitability and competitive advantage in the market.

These three strategic KPIs – revenue growth, customer retention, and operational efficiency – are essential for the success and growth of the industrial gas business. By setting targets, tracking progress, and making data-driven decisions based on these KPIs, the business can drive sustainable growth, maintain customer loyalty, and improve overall operational performance.