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You’re an online marketer and entrepreneur who wants to become an online course instructor.

Your first goal is to outline your first online course rapidly.

However, you don’t know the process how to transfer your know how into your first course outline.

Every time you want to start creating your course outline, you struggle to find a simple process.

In this short video workshop you’ll find out how to transfer your know how into your first course outline rapidly.

Let’s get started:

These are proven 3 steps to create your first online course outline:

  1. Choose Your Niche
  2. Select Course Topic
  3. Outline First Course

1. Choose Your Niche

Your goal is to offer your skills and know how to your target group who has an urgent need.

You can provide :

  • Social Strategies for Industries
  • Copy Writing for Professionals
  • Building Brand Value on LinkedIn for Individuals
  • etc.

Essentially you want to combine your specific offer > Social Strategies with your target group > Manufacturing Industry

2. Select Course Topic

You’ll want to select a course topic that you know how to solve practically.

Here are some examples :

  • How to create content that attracts value visitors
  • How to increase brand value that will make you sales
  • How to write your post that gets the click
  • How to create a website that converts visitors to leads rapidly
  • How to build your lead management system in one day

It’s crucial that you create your topic outcome oriented.

Outcome oriented means that it will deliver a concrete measureable value e.g. attracts value visitors, make you sales, converts visitors to leads etc.

3. Outline Your First Course

Now you’ll outline your first course.

First you’ll identify your focus group whose problem you know how to solve.

Next you’ll define your focus group’s wants followed by outlining it’s challenge.

Understanding the challenge, you can craft the strategy to turn the challenge into a value solution rapidly.

Now you’ll create the step-by-step process for achieving the value solution.

Finally, you’ll outline a simple action plan for getting started.

Use this process for creating your first course outline in one day or less.

In this short video post, we’ve learned how to turn your know how into your first online course online rapidly.

Now it’s your turn!

Create your first online course outline rapidly. Wish You All Success!