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You want to turn your business skills to clients rapidly.

Here is our proven business system:
5 Steps to Create Your General Management Business Offer and Win Clients in One Month or Less.

Discover our  5 Step System that helps to create your general management business offer and win clients in One Month.

Step 1 – Find Out Your Skills

First, we’ll find out our skills. Our best skills are competencies with which we can demonstrate how to solve problems step-by-step rapidly and efficiently.
We can offer testimonials from current and recent clients also.

In general management, our most requested skills are to help clients optimise their cash flows rapidly.

Step 2 – Choose Niche

Next, we’ll choose our niche.
When we target a niche market, we have a small universe of potential clients.
They will pay a high fee for the specific how-to step-by-step solution system in their problem area.

Always target a niche market where the match between the industry and your skill is best.

Say you were a general manager. Your industry is the manufacturing industry.
You have a proven record of managing companies for generating sustained cash flow improvement.

So your niche could be:

Cash Flow Strategy Adviser for the Manufacturing Industry

Step 3 – Discover Wants

When customers are hiring specialists, the closer your skill matches to their wants.
The easier it will be to create your tailored business offer and the more you can charge.
We tend to underestimate what potential clients are willing to pay for specialised how-to action guides

A rule of thumb is that the earlier we discover urgent wants, and the faster we deliver valuable results, the more in demand we will be and the more we can charge for our services and other communication services and information products such as reports, booklets, apps, e-books, speeches, presentations and workshops.

Clients want a proven ´cash flow optimising (CFO) system and general management coaching to implement the CFO system within one week.

Step 4 – Create Offer

As a cash flow optimising (CFO) adviser, we possess both a proven step-by-step system and a reputation as an expert in applying the method.

We can multiply our offer and income by offering our proprietary system in the form of:

  • High priced I-I Executive Coaching Sessions
  • Strategy Consulting
  • General Management Group Coaching
  • Interim Management Assignments
  • General Management Contract

We’ll design our business offer for owners and top corporate managers and high potentials.

We’ll communicate straightforwardly:

If you hire me to do this workshop, seminar, assignment, you can expect this particular result at this time.

Stress the importance of transferring the problem to results in your offering.

The prospect has most probably some issues on cash flow optimisation.

We’ll assign priority based on the urgency and importance to the decision maker and management group.

The more we can tie in our program to the company’s cash flow cycle, the easier it will be to persuade decision-makers to hire us.

Step 5 – Win Clients

As outlined in our post:

RapidKnowHow 120 – 3 Steps to Transfer Your Business Innovation Model into Business in One Month or Less

We’ll apply our three step process to win our first business rapidly.

1. Contacting the Decision Makers
2. Arranging the Meeting
3. Managing the Meeting and Follow up Successfully.

We’ll approach our prospect directly or via reference persons.

Make sure you understand his real problems that cause cash flow issues.

Find out the most urgent issues of his cash flow cycle

The Cash Flows are the inflow and outflow of money.

An established business gets stocks on credit. The subsequent payment to suppliers gives rise to the cash outflow.

Customers who pay on credit will trigger cash inflows only after their payment.

5 Steps to Create Your General Management Business Offer and Win Clients in One Month or Less

In this short post, we’ve learned 5 steps to transfer general management skills to win client in one month or less.

We’ve learned how to:

  • Find Out Our Skills
  • Matching Our Skills with Our Focus Industry
  • Discovering Our Target Client’s Wants
  • How to Create a Compelling Offer
  • How to Win Our First Business in One Month or Less

Now it’s Your Turn! Wish You All the Success!