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Quo Vadis Democracy and Humanity? Are we driving towards a digital dictatorship or the sustainability society?

The political leaders and business elite drive the society towards the surveillance system: the digital dictatorship. It’s up to the civil society to take the lead in thriving the sustainability society to survive and prosper as open and free societies.

The decision which path to follow we must take now and start acting … We, the baby-boomers acted in the 60ies and created the open and free society, now it’s up to you to take courageous steps to shape your future… Wish You All Success!

The mainstream publications are focusing on disseminating threatening news to make the public submissive. That’s why RapidKnowHow crafts strategies to transfer the threat of being oppressed by the digital dictatorship into the sustainability society. You are very welcome to contribute with your actionable strategies !

How The Elites Establish The Digital Dictatorship System?

The political leaders and business elite drive the society towards the surveillance system: the digital dictatorship.

Totalitarian Political Parties educate opportunistic, populistic leaders to execute the digital dictatorship strategy effectively.

Leaders apply three strategic actions:

1. Media and Message Control

2. Public and Virtual Space Control

3. Weakening Democratic Institutions

That’s how they establish the total surveillance system to control the key stakeholders, the population and the economy.

How to Craft The Sustainability Leadership Strategy?

The political leaders and business elite thrive the society towards sustainability.

They want to shape a free, democratic society and to preserve the environment.

They educate, engaged, entrepreneurial leaders who execute sustainability programs to establish the sustainability society which strives for economic-, social-, and environmental wealth.

From Strategy into Actions

Quo Vadis Democracy and Humanity? Digital Dictatorship or The Sustainability Society Leading Through The Corona Crisis for Business Leaders Insights how leading organisations can respond.

  1. Establishing a Task Force
  2. Setting up a Short-term Objective to secure safety, the health of people and liquidity.
  3. Getting Started and Monitor Progress on two axes: Health (ratio: corona tested / corona infected ) and Cash-Flow using a specific, simple scorecard, accessible by the team 24×7.

!Tip: Create a business model, and a solid business case on corona testing by cooperating with the leading equipment provider. That’s how you’ll demonstrate your Leadership in CareTaking during the corona crisis.

Get Started

Today we’ve have learned how to establish the sustainability leadership strategy. Get Started Now! Wish You All Success!

Share Your Strategies

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