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The purpose of the short article is to outline the strategy for executives who want to transfer their companies into a sustainability institution in 2020 and beyond.

The reason for thriving toward sustainability is to create a better world by avoiding digital dictatorship.

The goal is to help people succeed in thriving business programs which increase the marketspace and enhance the stakeholder value.

The Strategy to Thrive Sustainability

The strategy to thrive sustainability consists of three actions:

  1. Top company leaders commit to sustainability
  2. They establish a company-wide program: THRIVING SUSTAINABILITY
  3. Leaders kick-off and monitor effective program performance. They support the program team in reaching their goal: Improving the Triple Bottom Line Benefits ( Economical-, Ecological and Social Benefits)


Strategy into Actions

Next, the company management will turn the strategy into actions

Step 1: Leaders Commit to Sustainability

  • Choose the right place to start your sustainability initiative
  • Construct the right interdisciplinary team for the initiative
  • Communicate the sustainability vision, mission and goal to stakeholders

Step 2: Company Program: Thriving Sustainability

  • Understand where your company is now
  • Collectively build a simple picture that captures your current state of sustainability
  • Outline your current sustainability initiatives across your organization

Step 3: Kick-Off Your Program and Monitor Performance

  • Set your short-term measurable targets
  • Identify your low hanging fruits to create confidence in your team
  • Monitor how the program creates stakeholders’ trust and confidence

Get Started

Today, we’ve learned how to thrive sustainability effectively. You got a simple strategy framework for establishing and thriving sustainability in your organisation.

Wish You All Success!