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Rapid Business Innovation – How to Turn Your Digital Laggard Position to Digital Leadership Rapidly

Rapid Business Model Innovation is our series of breakthrough strategies to help innovative service providers starting their digital transformation journey rapidly. We created the digital laggards versus digital leaders business model to turn your current laggard position into digital leadership. Let’s start the journey. Digital Laggards Digital Ignorant – Non-Believers in Digital Opportunities Digital Laggards […]

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Rapid Digital Starter – 3 Golden Steps to Start Your Digital Transformation Journey Successfully

Rapid Insight for Digital Leaders – 3 Golden Steps to Start Your Digital Transformation Journey Successfully highlights the proven three most important steps to start your digital journey successfully. Here are three rapid steps to get started successfully: The Challenge Digital Transformation requires leadership from the top. The board of directors, the executive management, the […]

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RapidKnowHow for Digital Leaders – Action Guide to Lead Your Rapid Digital Transformation Success

C-Level Digital Leaders want rapid insight into credible facts, innovative business models and relevant take aways from successes and failures of seasoned business leaders.That’s why RapidKnowHow provides one-page summaries of relevant insight and innovative business models for business leaders who want to thrive digital leadership and stakeholder value rapidly and sustainably.To Your Success, Josef Access our […]

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