Check Your Creativity in 10 Minutes

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This RapidKnowHow Quiz offers multiple-choice questions to help you identify your baseline knowledge of facilitating your creativity essentials. Enjoy!


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#1. The process of evaluating ideas to determine which are worth pursuing is called ? Convergent thinking is often an evaluation process whereby different options are reviewed to determine which are worth pursuing

#2. Which of the following statements are true? A.Creativity is a talent that you either have or don't have; B. The creative process is basically a solitary pursuit; C. The smarter you are, the more creative you are; D. Age is not a clear predictor of creativity ? The only true statement in the list is that " age is not a clear predicator of creativity." The other three statements represent common misconceptions about creativity

#3. Most of innovative ideas are the result of a conscious, purposeful search, not sudden illumination. True or False? ? Most innovative ideas are not so much the product of sudden insights as they are the result of a conscious process that often goes through multiple stages


Source for RapidCheck Your Skills: Harvard Business Press Pocket Mentor Series

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