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This RapidKnowHow Quiz offers multiple-choice questions to help you identify your baseline knowledge of decision making essentials. Enjoy!


#1. Which of the following approaches is likely to lead to excessive group harmony? ? If you, as a manager, amke a suggestion early in a meeting in the hopes of encouraging your team to consider other alternatives, your action can backfire. Employees may view the suggestion as your preferred solution and support the idea to try to please you

#2. Which of the following is a sign that your discussions may have deteriorated into advocacy mode? ? If your team is asking probing questions and considering minority viewpoints, it is adopting the more inquiry-based approach essential to effective business decisions

#3. Which of the following teams would you assemble to choose a new software program to manage the inventory at your warehouse? ? The group shall contain 5-7 representatives from departments that will be affected by the change,

#4. Decide whether the following statement is true or false: creating a decision tree will identify the best choice for your problem ? You will still need to assess the information in the decision tree to make your choice. Creating a prioritization matrix may help you evaluate your options at this stage

#5. Which of the following is the best way to frame an issue related to a high volume of customer complaints about a product? ? Your goal is to get at the core of the issue WHY? before you begin examining possible solutions WHAT? HOW?

#6. Once you make a decision, what should you do next? ? Once you make a decision, you need to determine who should know about it. You do not want to start implementing a decision until you are sure that the people who will be affected by the decision are aware of your plans


Source for RapidCheck Your Skills: Harvard Business Press Pocket Mentor Series

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