Check Your Strategic Career KnowHow in 30 Minutes

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This RapidKnowHow Quiz offers multiple-choice questions to help you identify your baseline knowledge of managing your career essentials. Enjoy!

#1. What three self-knowledge areas are the most important in defining and navigating your career path? ? Self- knowledge areas for defining your professional goal

#2. What are the three main information sources for knowing yourself? ? Beside your own judgement; people you know and trust and proven tools

#3. Who is most responsible for management of your career? ? Times where companies took responsibilities for careers are over. Therefore each one of us is responsible for our career development

#4. Of your core business interests, work values, and skills, which one area is the most important in identifying appropriate growth opportunities at work ? Business interests drive your actions passionately

#5. Which of the following is the most important benefit of taking charge of your own career? ? Managing your career helps to derive more satisfaction from your work which also helps your company

#6. Which of the following are examples of the eight core business functions that let you express your deepest work interests? ? All three of these examples of core business interests. The eight core business interests are: 1. Application of Technology, 2. Quantitative Analysis, 3. Theory Development and Conceptual Thinking, 4. Creative Production, 5. Counselling and Mentoring, 6. Managing People and Relationships, 7. Enterprise Conrol, and 8. Influence through Language and Ideas.

#7. Decide whether the following statement is true or false: To better match your work with your core business interests, values and skills, you can collaborate with your supervisor to redefine your current role. ? Always assume that you can redefine your current role to better suit you. If you're a high performer, your supervisor will likely be glad to support your efforts in this area. After all, he or she will get to keep you rather than lose you to another position in or outside your company.

#8. Which of the following metaphors best captures the nature of career development today as opposed to earlier times? ? A lattice conveys the idea that professional development opportunities now exist at all levels and in all departments within most organizations. You can move freely among them depending on which opportunities best suit you and your organization.

#9. The best developmental opportunities in your organization ? You want development opportunities to help you hone new skills and acquire new knowledge - that's what makes work more satisfying to you, and you more valuable to your company and the job market. But don't pick an assignment that stretches too much. A good rule of thumb is that if you think it will take more than SIX MONTHS to deliver excellent performance in the new role, the assignment probably will be too much of a stretch.

#10. Decide whether the following statement is true or false: To obtain the skills you need to perform in a new position, you must go back to school and earn a degree. ? There are many other ways to gain new skills besides going back to school. These include volunteering, reading magazines, taking online tutorials, sharing jobs, and so forth - steps that don't require the time and expense of getting a new degree.



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Source for RapidCheck Your Skills: Harvard Business Press Pocket Mentor Series

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