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As the CEO of Innova, the leading industrial gas company in Italy, I am often asked about how I communicate the value equation to my team, stakeholders, and customers.

The value equation, in its simplest form, is Value = Benefits – Cost. It’s a fundamental concept that drives our business decisions and shapes our strategic direction.

Carlo Benedetti

To understand how we communicate this equation, it’s important to first understand what we do at Innova. We provide industrial gases that are essential for various industries – from healthcare to manufacturing to food processing. Our products are not just commodities; they are solutions that enable our clients to operate more efficiently, safely, and sustainably.

When communicating the value equation, I start by articulating the benefits of our products and services. This is not just about listing features or specifications; it’s about painting a picture of how our solutions can transform our clients’ operations. For instance, we don’t just supply oxygen; we provide a critical component that helps hospitals save lives or manufacturers enhance their production efficiency.

Next, I address the cost aspect of the equation. Here, it’s crucial to emphasize that cost is not just about price; it also encompasses factors like time, effort, and potential risks. At Innova, we strive to minimize these costs through continuous innovation and superior customer service. For example, we invest in advanced technologies that ensure reliable gas supply while reducing maintenance requirements for our clients.

However, communicating the value equation is not a one-way street; it involves active listening and engagement with our stakeholders. We regularly solicit feedback from our clients to understand their evolving needs and challenges. This allows us to refine our value proposition and ensure that we continue delivering superior value.

Moreover, as a CEO, I believe in leading by example. I strive to embody the value equation in my actions and decisions – whether it’s investing in R&D for new product development or prioritizing customer satisfaction above short-term profits. This not only reinforces the message to my team but also builds trust with our stakeholders.

In essence, communicating the value equation is about demonstrating how we create value for our clients and why we are a partner of choice in the industrial gas industry. It’s about showing WHY we’re doing WHAT we’re doing. It’s a continuous process that requires clarity, consistency, and authenticity.

In conclusion, as the CEO of Innova, I communicate the value equation by articulating the benefits of our solutions, addressing the cost factors, engaging with our stakeholders, and leading by example. It’s a strategic approach that has helped us establish Innova as a trusted and valued partner in the industrial gas industry.