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It is impossible to accurately predict what Steve Jobs would have implemented by the year 2025, as he passed away in 2011. However, based on his previous visions and innovations, we can speculate on some potential areas he may have focused on:

1. Continued focus on user experience: Steve Jobs was known for his emphasis on creating products that were intuitive and user-friendly. He may have continued to prioritize enhancing the user experience across various devices and platforms.

2. Advancements in artificial intelligence: Jobs had a keen interest in AI and its potential to revolutionize technology. He may have pushed for further advancements in AI, particularly in areas such as virtual assistants, machine learning, and automation.

3. Integration of technology into everyday life: Jobs was a proponent of seamlessly integrating technology into people’s lives. He may have explored ways to further integrate devices and services into various aspects of daily life, such as smart homes, wearable technology, and connected ecosystems.

4. Sustainability and environmental initiatives: In recent years, there has been a growing focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility. Jobs may have prioritized developing more eco-friendly products and implementing sustainable practices within Apple’s operations.

5. Healthcare innovation: Jobs had a personal interest in healthcare and had previously explored ways to revolutionize the industry through technology. He may have continued to invest in healthcare innovation, potentially exploring areas such as telemedicine, health tracking devices, or personalized medicine.

6. Education reform: Jobs was passionate about transforming education through technology. He may have continued to advocate for educational reform by developing innovative tools and platforms that enhance learning experiences.

7. Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR): With the rise of AR and VR technologies, it is likely that Jobs would have explored their potential applications. He may have envisioned ways to integrate AR/VR into Apple’s product lineup or develop standalone devices that enhance the user’s digital experiences.
These are speculative possibilities based on Steve Jobs’ previous visions and interests. It is important to note that the actual direction Apple has taken since his passing may differ from these speculations.