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Creating an uncontested market space in the industrial gases sector is a challenging yet achievable task. It requires a deep understanding of the current competitive landscape, innovative thinking, and strategic planning. The goal is to redefine the industry boundaries and create a new value curve that will make competition irrelevant.

The Current Competitive Marketspace

The industrial gases market is currently highly competitive, with several major players dominating the scene. These include companies like Linde, Air Liquide and Air Products. They compete on various factors such as price, quality, delivery speed, and customer service. The market is also characterized by high entry barriers due to the significant capital investment required for setting up production facilities and distribution networks.

Creating the Uncontested Market Space

To create an uncontested market space in this industry, one needs to think beyond the existing competition and conventional market boundaries. This involves identifying new demand opportunities and creating unique value propositions that competitors cannot easily replicate.

1. Blue Ocean Strategy: This strategy involves creating a new market space where there is no competition. In the context of industrial gases, this could mean developing new applications for these gases or targeting industries that currently do not use them but could benefit from their properties.

2. Value Innovation: Instead of competing on price or quality alone, companies can focus on creating superior value for customers through innovation. This could involve developing more efficient delivery systems, offering customized solutions based on specific customer needs, or providing additional services such as technical support or consulting.

3. Strategic Partnerships: Forming strategic partnerships with other companies can also help create an uncontested market space. For example, a partnership with a company in a complementary industry could open up new opportunities for cross-selling or bundling products.

4. Technology Advancement: Leveraging technology can also help create an uncontested market space. For instance, advancements in digital technologies can enable companies to offer remote monitoring and control of gas supply systems, providing customers with greater convenience and efficiency.

Breakthrough Strategy for Shaping the Uncontested Market Space

A breakthrough strategy for shaping the uncontested market space in the industrial gases industry could involve a combination of the above approaches. For example, a company could leverage technology to develop a new application for industrial gases, create a unique value proposition through value innovation, and then form strategic partnerships to reach new customer segments.


Creating an uncontested market space in the industrial gases industry is not an easy task. It requires innovative thinking, strategic planning, and a willingness to challenge the status quo. However, by identifying new demand opportunities, creating unique value propositions, leveraging technology, and forming strategic partnerships, companies can redefine the industry boundaries and make competition irrelevant. This will not only give them a competitive edge but also contribute to the overall growth and development of the industry.