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Self Evaluation Tool for Characteristics of Effective Leadership

The questions below relate to characteristics of effective leaders . Use the questions to evaluate whether you possess these characteristics. Use the results to see where you might focus to strengthen your leadership skills.

Characteristics of Effective LeadersYesNo
1. Do I have a clear vision?
2. Have you made your vision clear to your group?
Persistence, Positive
3. When pursuing a goal , do you maintain positive, focused attitude, despite obstacles?
Comforatable with ambiguity
4. Are you willing to take calculated risks?
5. Are you comfortable with certain level of disruption and conflict?
Excellent communication
6. Do you listen closely until the other person finishes?
7. Are you comfortable running meetings?
8. Are you comfortable making presentations and speaking in public?
9. Do you have negoiating skills in various settings?
Politically astute
10. Could you diagram your organisation’s stakeholder network and power diagram
11. Can you articulate the concerns of your organisation’s most powerful groups / people
12. Can you identify your supports in your organization?
13. Do you know where to turn for the resources you need?
14. How your own pattern of behaviour influence others?
15. In chaotic situations, do you stay calm and level-headed?
16. Do you emphatize with other people’s needs, concerns, and professional goals?
17. Would staff members confirm that you show such empathy?
Able to use humor?
18. Do you know how to use humor to relieve tense or uncomfortable situations?
If you answered YES to most of these questions , you have the charateristics
of an effective leaders
If you anwered NO to most of these questions, you may want to consider develop your leadership skills with a business coach.
Source: Leading People / Harvard Business School Press