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The Collaborative Marketplace Leader : Creating Value By Sharing Assets

Creating the sharing or collaborative economy where individuals and small businesses interact with each other directly through online marketplace platforms bypassing big corporations that traditionally acted as middle men.


Successful online market platforms unlocking the economic value of underutilized assets. The purpose of any marketplace platform is to liberate the value hidden in excess capacity by engaging others: their assets, time, expertise and creativity.

It’s time to put on our “sharing glasses”.

Are you a business coach?
Think about a marketplace of selling your specific strategy knowledge to other strategy consultants and coaches.

Are you a teacher or an instructor?
A marketplace for selling your teaching material and related teaching coaching to specific student groups e.g. MBA students

Do you coach junior hockey?
Why not creating a marketplace for selling used skates and other equipment.

These are just some examples, but I’m sure you got the point. The opportunities are numerous and everywhere.

Jeremy Owyang explains how marketplaces impact all areas of our society through Collaborative Economy Honeycomb. The first version only had six types of marketplace categories, but the latest version (at the time of writing this post) already contain sixteen. It is safe to say that he adds even more in the future.

By studying the honeycomb you can find new potential markets. The hottest startups emerged in transportation, goods, space, and money-financing, but there are still plenty of opportunities for solutions in other areas such as utilities, wealth, wellness, corporations, and municipalities. We are still in the early days of the marketplace industry.

RapidKnowHow will focus on creating breakthrough strategies and provide step-by-step solutions for implementing and growing  online marketplace business models rapidly and sustainably. Stay Tuned!

Looking for fragmented markets

Our goal is to aggregate products or services into one place and making them easily accessible and searchable by customers. Marketplaces thrive in areas where there are many small players offering their services instead of big, centralized providers.

Thumbtack has chosen the local services market, from plumbers to guitar teachers. Fiverr and Upwork cater to freelancers that provide digital services. Etsy helps individuals sell their custom-made crafts.

These types of service providers have existed for a long time, but they lacked a central aggregator before marketplaces come along.

From the customer’s point of view, the marketplace offers a one-stop shop: a place to find all the providers and easily compare them. From the provider’s point of view, the marketplace brings them more clients. Both parties get their problem solved. Everyone wins!


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