The 1-Hour Digital Leader – How Best CEOs Manage Hiring Top Talents in the Digital Age

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If you want to be out in front in the digital age, then you need to manage your challenges effectively.

A common challenge echoed by many CEOs, and in fact was the top concern in an Inc. 500 CEO survey, is hiring the right talent. 

You’ll need to manage these 6 top challenges by adopting proven strategies.

In this short post you’ll learn how to managing hiring most talented people.

Managing Hiring Most Talented People

First you’ll define your company values because people must match company values.

Then you’ll determine top skills of most talented people such as:

  • Problem solving skills
  • Creative Solutions
  • Communication


Finally you’ll invite potential candidates and asking them:

Tell me about a situation where you tried your best to solve a challenging problem but at the end, things just didn’t work out.
When he can speak about a failure, he give him and you the ability to work towards a joint solution that benefits not only him but your company as well.

Tell me about a situation where you were given a direction from your manager you knew it was wrong. What did you do?
You want to see if the candidate provides frequently feedback when he knew he had a better solution.

Tell me why you are the best candidate for this position. We’ve got 26 applications.
You want to make the candidate think deep about why you should hire her. Is she passionate to work for you?

Tell me what is your biggest weakness for this job?
You want to see if candidates handle the situation on their own or advice also colleagues or other people if they need help.

Do you have any questions for me?
You want to get candidates talking and you’re listening. That gives you the opportunity to learn more about: who he is, how he thinks and whether or not he matches the company values.

In this short post, we’ve learned the process how to managing hiring most talented people successfully.

We’ve learned to apply these 3 steps:

  1. Defining Company Values
  2. Determining Top Skills
  3. Interviewing Candidates


Managing Hiring Most Talented People Effectively

Here is a short and simple checklist you can use for managing hiring most talented people effectively.

Bonus: Download Your FREE Dashboard

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Next, we’ll learn how to managing customer relationships in the digital age effectively.

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