The 1-Hour Digital Leader – Smart Innovative Digital Retail Revenue Model to Increase Customers, Revenues and Cash Flow Rapidly

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You are a sales manager for an industrial company who wants to :

  • Increase amount of buying customers
  • Decrease costs for serving customers
  • Increase loyalty of customers
  • Increase cash flow

One way of doing this is to implement a new revenue model for retail customers.

RapidKnowHow – Innovative Subscription Model

The RapidKnowHow revenue model helps reaching your goals rapidly. You can transfer your traditional sales model where you sell single products into a sales bundle for retail customers where you start selling subscriptions for retail customers. Discover how it works below:


Client Benefits

Safe Supply – Automatic Product Delivery
Less Administration
Time and Cost Savings
Regular Product and Safety Information


Your Benefits

>Increased market share in the retail segment
>Increased amount of buying customers
>Decreased costs for serving customers
>Increased customer loyalty
>Improved cash flow

This model is primarily lucrative for industries with a high amount of retail customers.
If you have a dense network of depots, then you may share the benefit with your depot partners by e.g. sharing the increased commission per client.


Here are some examples of  innovative digital product ideas which you can combine with your innovative revenue model:

  • Action Guide for Safe Handling of Cylinders and Drums
  • Digital Magazine App for Getting Timely Insight into New Applications
  • e-Courses for Turning Goals into Results Rapidly
  • Loyalty Card for Keeping Customers Coming Back

Why People Buy

Primary reasons why people buy in the retail industry are:

  • Necessity – they need products for doing their work.
  • Fear – they fear their production will be interrupted.
  • Loss aversion – they fear losing customers if they cannot deliver in time.

Your best offer for this type of clients is: Guaranteed order fulfillment, emergency deliveries.

Your best revenue model is: Subscription model that comprises these services:

  • Order Fulfillment
  • Emergency Stock
  • Emergency Delivery.
  • Video Tutorial: Easy Order Fulfillment