The 1-Hour Digital Leader – How Best CEOs Manage Technology in the Digital Age

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How Best CEOs Manage Technology in the Digital Age

Digital Technology Trends  create opportunities. You want to create ongoing capability in your company to join forces with your network of visionary customers and partners to identify, evaluate and actively explore these emerging digital technology trends and the value they can create for your businesses.

Your company cannot afford not continuously assessing the opportunities created by emerging digital technologies.

Provide time, resources for key account managers to get familiar with these technology trends and the culture surrounding it.

Without the intimidate relationship with this digital technologies and the culture drives it, your company will be at huge competitive disadvantage.

How Best CEOs Drive Managing Technology in the Digital Age

You’ll ask your digital skilled key account managers to drive managing technology in 3 steps:

  1. Defining Visionary Customers
  2. Crafting Managing Digital Technology
  3. Managing Digital Technology

1. Defining Visionary Customers

First you’ll define your most visionary customers who will join forces on the journey to identifying, evaluating and actively exploring digital trends and the mutual beneficial opportunities they provide.

2. Crafting Managing Digital Technology

Next, the digital techology team will find out intiatives that create value quickly and are easy to implement.

Forrester Research provides a simple roadmap how digital systems of engagement and automation enable deep insights that create action and drive value.

3. Managing Digital Technology

Finally, the team will select initiatives that help generating value (decreasing costs, time and improving customer satisfaction).

The advantage is,  in these way, your organization will only implement digital initiatives that are highly valued by your customer.

This way, you can build references and leverage the solutions to other clients (except competitor customers of your visionary client, off course).

Key Take Aways

Best CEOs motivate their business organization to join forces with their most visionary clients to engage in digital technology initiatives that drive value.
The goal is to deploy systems of engagement and automation that enable to deliver sustainable value to your visionary client quickly.

Getting Started

Discuss your digital technology strategy with your management team; choose your key account managers and let them take actions now!
Wish You All Success!

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