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How Best CEOs Manage Information in the Digital Age

If you want to stay out in front in the digital age, then you build and manage information channels.

You want to use 3 steps :

1. Discover How CEOs Consume Information
2. Craft Your Information Strategy
3. Manage Your Information

1. Discover how CEOs consume Information

Brandchannel  details how CEOs consume content. Quartz asked 940 Executives to find out.

Here are their 9 major findings:

  1. 75% of executives spend at least 30 minutes consuming news each day
  2. 60% of executives are most focused on news in the morning
  3. 60% of executives use mobile devices to consume news; only 5% report reading newspaper.
  4. 60% of executives read an email newsletter as one of their first three news sources.
  5. 91% of executives share work – related content if they find it valuable.
  6. Top sharing platforms (many selections allowed):
    • 80% Email
    • 43% Twitter
    • 30% LinkedIn, Facebook
    • 22% In Person
    • 18% IM /CHAT
  7. 50% of executives follow brands both within and outside their industries
  8. Executives interested in Brand Content
    • 89% Technical
    • 89% Media and Advertising
    • 88% Consulting
    • 82% Finance
    • 86% All
  9. Content
    • 68% Industry Analysis
    • 58% Company Products and Innovations
    • 43% Leadership
    • 25% Growth Stories
    • 23% Perspectives on Social Issues

2. Craft Your Information Strategy

Who is your reader
First, you’ll define your target reader. Name, position and industrial sector.

What information your reader want
Next, find out 3 topics of great interest to your reader

Where does your reader want your information
Share your information by email . In your readers company box or private mail. Does she prefer social media platforms?

How does your reader want your information
Make sure you know your reader’s preference.  If he wants to get information at all, time, channel etc.

3. Manage Information

 Here is a short checklist for managing your information:

1. Target Person


2. Information Requests

​​Leadership Insight
Industry Analysis
Product Innovation
Success Stories
Sustainability News

3. Information Delivery Time

Time Zone

4. Information Delivery Device

​​Mobile Phone
Email Private
Email Business

 Key Take Aways

Best CEOs use specific information strategies for building one to one business relations with key decision makers.
The goal is to stay top of mind of your client’s decision maker by providing tailored highly valueable information through most efficient channels.

Getting Started

Craft your information strategy and action plan now!
Wish You All Success!

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