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Leading people by offering a vision and helping people to succeed

Expand your leadership skills in the information age

There is a high need for people in the information age. However, people want leaders who support them to achieve their goals by motivating them and helping them to grow their competencies and skills.

The power to influence people needs specific skills such as:

Communication skills to speak, write and show visions, strategies, and tasks persuasively

Interpersonal skills such as active listening to understand what people are really saying

Conflict-resolution skills to handle conflicts by creating win-win situations

Negotiations skills to aim at avoiding win-lose situations. Always be prepared to solve customers’ problems, help them to optimize the costs, environment and safety of their processes.

Management versus Leadership Skills

Management Skills are vital for planning, organizing, and controlling operations. Hands-on problem-solving is key.

Leadership Skills are critical for making the company fit for the future. A clear vision of where the company is heading aligns people with that vision.
Inspiring people to create and implement strategies to turn the vision into tangible value for the stakeholders such as owners, customers, employees, communities etc.

Management and leading are overlapping activities Managing coping with complexity while Leading is coping with change.

So a modern manager needs both management AND leadership skills.

Successful Leaders in the information age treat people as assets that appreciate while equipment depreciates.

Leading People The Fundamentals

The challenge of contemporary leadership is to manage constant change by motivating employees to learn by doing. Creating stakeholder value continuously is the overall goal

Effective leaders adopt different leadership roles: They thrive in transformation through people development, customer orientation and creating stakeholder value.

Acquire Leadership skills to adjust different leadership styles to different situations.

Craft a Vision for change that empowers people to follow. “We want to be the sustainability leader in our sector by 2025”.

Motivate People to thrive towards the Vision Create a trusting environment and adapt your leadership style always to the need of your customers, employees, suppliers, investors and all other key stakeholders.

Care for Yourself by keeping yourself mentally and physically fit.