TECH.CO’s Venture Success

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TEC.CO demonstrates how to drive growth rapidly with a smart and slightly quirky remote team.

A must read story from sheds light on key factors of their incredibly fast growing business venture over the past 9 years.

What has been TECH.CO’s secret of success ?

In the end, their persistent focus on delivering value to startups, their readers, and a lengthy list of fantastic organizations, from Fortune 50 companies to local economic development groups, is what allowed them to grow.
Tech.Co has grown a readership of millions globally – not to mention the relationships forged from our in-person programs has changed people’s lives forever. We are proud of what we’ve accomplished with a smart, scrappy, slightly quirky, and nearly all remote team.

Today, I’m excited to announce that Tech.Co has been acquired by MVF, an international publishing and tech company. MVF was founded in the UK by five friends in 2009, and has driven incredibly fast growth over the past 9 years. They opened an office in Austin, Texas and have expanded their workforce to over 400 staffers. Most importantly, we like them. They are incredibly excited about the Tech.Co brand, and have impressed us with their ability to scale businesses. Over the next few months we will work closely with the team at MVF to ensure a successful transition as the organization continues to build Tech.Co into a global brand. Tech.Co Has Been Acquired by Global Digital Media Business

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