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Paula Kerger demonstrates that business development skills and project management competencies are key for climbing the corporate ladder.

A must read story from discusses a hidden secret on how women climb the career ladder to the top.

Paula Kerger serves as one of the few women leaders at the helm of a major media organization.

Just 6,4% of Fortune 500 companies are run by women.

Climbing the Ladder

Paula Kerger started in business development which helped her understand the business at a profoundly detailed level.

As COO, she participated in projects. Project management helped her delivering results in time and budget and increased her business network.

She has the talent for building consensus, but is also clear and forceful.

Her advice for women who want to pursue a leadership career:

Find your inner voice – the voice that tells what your passion is and what you want in life – and listen to it…

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Paula Kerger, CEO of PBS, reflects on making the move to CEO, how women can find their passion and why it can be lonely at the top. PBS CEO Paula Kerger On How She Got To CEO

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