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Jim Lanton interviewed Dr. Duane Boning from MIT on ” Leadership in the Digital Age.”

Jim Lanton talks with Dr. Boane Boning, Co-Director, for MIT’s LEADERS FOR GLOBAL OPERATIONS PROGRAM about the future of Leadership in Manufacturing and Operations.

The program’s mission is:

to educate leaders to address the world’s most challenging operations and high-tech problems

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MIT’s Leaders for Global Operations (LGO) program brings the brightest minds in academia and business together to tackle tomorrow’s challenges in manufacturing and operations. Dr. Duane Boning, co-director, talks about how my alma mater is preparing LGO fellows for the digital age of operations. MIT’S Dr. Duane Boning Talks Leadership In Digital Age Of Operations

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The Challenge: The New Wave of Innovation in Manufacturing

The challenge is to come to grips with the new wave of innovation in manufacturing (fuelled by complex advances like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and advanced analytics.

Dr. Boning shares his perspectives on the challenges and opportunities for developing leaders who can thrive in the digital age of operations.

Current Operational Challenges

Dr. Boning reveals that the classic problems in operations and supply chain still exist:

  • Quality Control
  • Statistics Process Control
  • Reducing Total Cost of Ownership

The critical issue is to implement and sustain:

It takes knowledgeable and skilled leaders to make it happen

Emerging Opportunities for Thriving Operation Transformation

Maching learning is a great example for thriving operation transformation because it provides the ability to extract insights from data and learn.

Machine learning is helping companies and it’s leaders to apply the technology for predicting problems.

What’s new is to provide integrated insights to enable better and faster response to market opportunities.

7 Quick Tips to Prepare Digital Leaders for Thriving Operations Transformation

  1. Managing Challenges
    The digital leaders most important learning goal is to manage challenges in the digital age effectively
  2. Creating Action Guides
    Prepare action guides for How to manage the transformation of operations
  3. Communicate Change Process
    Communicate: Transforming operations requires attitude to CHANGE
  4. Commitment from the Top
    Thriving change requires strong commitment and support from the top leadership
  5. Establish a Digital Leader Champion System
    CEOs and COOs must actively support the change process by adopting the digital leader champion role.
  6. Identifying and Promoting Leadership Talent
    Identifying, employing and developing leadership talent systematically.
  7. Get Insight
    Find out examples on thriving digital leadership.

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