3 Steps to Getting Decison-Makers on the Phone Rapidly

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You want to get your top job rapidly, but you don’t know how.

If you want to get your top job rapidly, a well crafted business communication process can make all the difference.

That’s why I put together this blog post on Successful Business Communication – 3 Steps to Get Decision-Makers on the Phone Rapidly.

In this post you’ll discover:

A proven Business Communication Model for getting face to face with decision makers rapidly

My 3 step process to get decision makers on the phone rapidly:

1. Establishing Reason to Talk

2. Establishing Contact

3. Telephone Conversation

1. Establishing Reason to Talk

To get your target decison-maker on the phone, you must establishing a reason why he may talk to you.

To establish a reason to talk you must work with two criteria:

1. Information

2. Urgency

Working with InformationIf you offer information of value to the prospective employer or client and there is some urgency about the conversation and visit, you can often get a meeting.

Information that will get you a meeting rapidly

Industry Information – as professional, your knowledge of what is going on in an industry or particular field of activity. Breakthrough Industrial Gas Business Strategies and Tactics

Unique Value Proposition – is there some aspect of your know how and service offer that differs of your competitors? Does it solve problems your target faces. Breakthrough Sales Leader Strategies That Will Get You the Best Out of Your Sales People

Unique Program – is there a program you have recently completed that the prospective employer or client would like to hear about? Some professionals are precluded from discussing past projects by confidentiality agreements.Other can use recent new developed programs as a subject for helping the target to get access to unqiue business models that help getting out in front . RapidKnowHow Program offers Breakthrough Strategies for Leaders Who Care to Get Out in Front 2018.

Unique Business Drivers to Increase Share of New Business  – the insight know how about business drivers to increase share of new business is another sound basis for a meeting. RapidKnowHow offers strategy meetings for clients to discuss opportunities for generating new business rapidly. 7 Hydrogen Gas Drivers  for Increasing Your Share of New Business Rapidly.

Working with Urgency A prospective client or employer will most likely agree to a meeting if he perceives some urgency associated with it.I am not recommending panicky insistence that he must meet before it’s too late, but rather a statement that there is strong reason to meet sooner rather than later.

Urgency can result from factors such as the following:

Opportunity That Will Be Lost – you’ve just discovered a specific opportunity to some professional practices that will be lost if too much time passes. Breakthrough Strategy for Gaining Supply Chain Leadership 

A Problem That Will Be Avoided – as changing regulations, tax laws, competitor moves and other time-sensitives examples of factors that can create a need for a decision maker to get information quickly. Linde-Praxair Merger Insight Delivered

A Need to Stay Current – your target may benefit from being the first to know about the information you are providing or from knowing about if the board asks.Establish a subscription channel where your target gets new breakthrough strategy posts immediately to his e-mail box.

2. Establish Contact

In your initial e-mail, you may request a meeting, but your true objective is to induce your target to take the phone call. This is more limited commitment than agreeing to a meeting and so it’s easier to get.

To get it, word the letter in a way that makes a negative response difficult without the benefit of a phone conversation.This means the e-mail should be short; the more information you give, the easier it will be for your target to decide not to meet.

Email that Gets ReadThe Email should begin with a clear request to talk or meet briefly.It should mention a subject or choice of subjects likely to seen as important to the target and about which you have specialized knowledge.Subjects might include: Trends Affecting the Industry, Impending Legal Regulatory or Competitive Issues.

This part of the Email should include a one-sentence description of why would be worth talking with on this subjects, if the target is unfamiliar with you.

It should close with a vague offer to induce the target to take your call for clarification before deciding whether to meet with you.

Here is a sample Email Template for Establishing Contact RapidlyDear Mr. Baldwin:I would like an opportunity to meet with you.

I’m specializing in creating and launching branded industrial goods into targeted markets rapidly.

My recent projects in the middle east grew sales by 50% . We’ve launched branded industrial goods into markets like: New Zealand, Russia, Indonesia, Jordan and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).

By applying our proven strategy, I drove turnaround a listed company from a negative to a positive cash flow in 3 months.

I thought a one hour discussion on how to create and launch industrial branded goods to improve cash flow rapidly might be of mutual interest.

I will call you in week 2/18 to see if we can arrange a meeting.

Sincerely yours,

3. Telephone Conversation

Once you send such an Email , be sure to follow up.

Your next goal is to get the target on the phone.

Remember, when establishing a reason for making a visit, you must use the Information & Urgency Concept for preparing your telephone conversation with your target as outlined in step 1.

You may also want to use our 5 Breakthrough Strategies for Finding Your Top Job. 

ConclusionIf you offer information of value to the target decision maker( employer, client, new business partner) and there is some urgency about the visit,  you’ll often get a meeting.

If you simply submit your CV, your chances of getting face-to-face are much lower.

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