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Your Job as a Sales Manager is to deliver value thereby building loyal customer relationships and profitable growth.

If you want to achieve this goal, a proven value selling system can make the difference.

That’s why I put together this tutorial about Top 5 New Sales Roles for Selling Value and Becoming the Supply Chain Leader.

In this action guide, we will learn how to selling value by applying top 5 new sales roles successfully.

We’ll discover these 5 new sales roles:

  1. Customer Focus
  2. Customer Manager
  3. Solution Seller
  4. Business Partner
  5. Value Competitor

Let’s Get Started!


You are sales manager who wants to make your sales staff more customer focused.

You’ll want your sales people to:

  • Identifying new business opportunities earlier
  • Increasing the share of new businesses
  • Starting new businesses faster
  • Building long-term loyal customer relationships

You’ll achieve your goal by establishing 5 new sales roles in your organization:

  1. Customer Focus
  2. Customer Management
  3. Solution Selling
  4. Business Partnership
  5. Value Competition

In this short action-guide you’ll discover:

  • Principles behind the new sales roles
  • How to rapidly implement the 5 new sales roles in your organization.

Did You Now? Money spend on re-training your sales people in value selling techniques is one of the most effective investments you can make.

How to Sell Value – The Top 5 New Sales Roles

Purchasing managers are looking for value rather than price. That’s why they choose business partners who help optimizing the total cost of ownership of the entire supply chain.

To meet the new demands of purchasing managers your sales people must execute new sales roles.

Discover the 5 New Sales Roles by reading this short action guide in one hour or less.

1.Customer Focus

As you know in modern business environment there are few features and benefits to products that we can differentiate them from the competition.

We can differentiate our services but as each customer has different needs, the sales person must analyse these needs and create individual packages for each customer.

Analysing these needs require customer focus.

You can quickly find out the customer focus of your sales person by using the checklist:

Customer Focus Checklist   >>  Check Yes or No

Do your sales people have customer focused reports?

Are they organized by customer not products?

Use your sales person customer profiles?

Does your sales person know the buying potential?

Use your sales person a list of qualified prospects?

Does your sales person have a segmented price list?

Improvement Program on Customer Satisfaction in use?

Do you measure service improvement continuously?

Use Complaints procedure and improvement program?


If your sales people truly convince customers that they will fight for their needs, you will be surprised how fast price ceases to be an issue.

2. Customer Management

The sales person must be responsible for the customers assigned to him and to coordinate all the contacts.

The customer service function may take over the daily routines and product specialists may take over new projects temporarily.

The sales person’s responsibility is to gather the information for turning opportunities into new sales rapidly and see that he has satisfied customers.

He can use this simple tool for turning opportunities into new sales rapidly.

Rapid Business Development Checklist

  • Day
  • Company Visited
  • Customer (Existing, Prospect, Former)
  • Market Segment
  • Sales $ 1000 per year
  • Persons visited
  • Visited with (Manager, Specialist)
  • Purpose of Visit
  • Subject Discussed
  • New Sales Potential in $ 1000
  • Sales Stage (Presenting, Defining, Analysing, Delivering, Closing, Start-up)
  • Next Steps
  • Comments

3.Solution Seller

You and your sales people need to know your customers’ needs, processes and even their customers so that you can start optimizing total cost of ownership.

You will use this checklist for analysing the revenue improvement potential of your customers quickly:

Revenue Improvement Potential Checklist

  • Product
    • Technology
    • Features
    • Quality
  • Potential Competitive Advantages
    • Location
    • Know-How
    • Service Approach
  • Cost Savings
    • Automatic Replenishment
    • Improving Production Efficiency
    • Energy Reduction
    • Safety, Health and Environment Improvement
    • Total Supply Chain Management
    • Application Training

Several studies revealed that chemical management costs can range from 1 to 10 times the purchase cost of chemicals. That means for $10 million spend on chemicals, a facility may be spend between $ 10 million and $ 100 million more to manage those chemicals.

4. Business Partner

Most customers want to improve their bottom line.

That’s why we have developed a system about optimizing total cost of ownership by building a strategic partnership between buyer and supplier.

You and your sales people must develop partnerships with key customers, always looking out for opportunities to not only increase your own profits but to improving the total cost of ownership of the entire supply chain.

 This strategy will make you the supply chain leader of your industry.

5. Value Competitor

Without any number, price is the only way customers can differentiate between suppliers.

Modern purchasing managers, however, are increasingly looking to value rather than price.

Purchasing managers in larger companies are trained in value analysis procedures.

To talk the same language, your sales people must be trained to sell value.

It gives the opportunity for focusing on the value contribution to the customer.

Today purchasing departments have very often been consolidated into material management departments with responsibilities for:

  • Procurement
  • Inventory
  • Transport
  • Use
  • Disposal

They measure their suppliers:

  • Order on-time
  • Order complete
  • Invoice accurate
  • Emergency response
  • Accessibility (phone, online etc.)

Their priority is accuracy, reliability and accessibility and reducing total cost of ownership.

The cost of your products may not be significant in comparison to the savings obtainable on some of your customers indirect costs (labour costs for handling your products)

 Getting Started

Your job as sales manager is to make your sales staff customer focused.

In this short action-guide you’ve learned 5 new roles for your sales people:

  1. Becoming Customer Focused
  2. Managing Customers Effectively
  3. Acting as Solution Seller
  4. Establishing a Business Partnership
  5. Being a Value Competitor
    You can visit our website for accessing our complete program on becoming a supply chain leader rapidly.

How did you like this short action guide? Which of the top new sales roles do you use the most? Let me know by leaving a comment on our website. www.rapidknowhow.com

Today we’ve learned how to become supply chain leader by applying the 5 new sales roles successfully.
Now it’s your turn! Wish You All Success! Thanks for Sharing.

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